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  1. Am I missing something? I cant seem to make the steerpoint auto advance once I pass them.... i.e. go from steerpoint 3 to steerpoint 4 Do we always have to manually advance? Stilgar
  2. Yurgon, Thanks so much for the reply. Actually I should have said 'F7' views (the F6 views work fine). I did check the setting you mentioned and my 'allow external views' is checked. Note that I am just using a mission I created in the editor. Strangely, on one track file I am able to 'F7' on to one tank...but I cant cycle between any others. Yet all other track files dont seem to let me even get one... Thanks for the advice on mutiplayer. I will check that forum. For the record..I am USA/Central time.... Stilgar
  3. Folks, Been working on the A-10C, watching TONS of videos...but still end up with a number of questions....any/all help appreciated... - I can never get the F6 view from ground targets (that I see in videos). I have tried all the various 'F6' variants...and still no luck. What am I missing? - I can also never get the external view from wingtip looking forward (again seen in many videos). I can get close but never the 'looks like its attached the the wingtip' view. Is this view not available in the A-10C? (I assumed all external views were the same across aircraft) - Finally,...I have been trying to get into multiplayer for the first time. Kinda daunting..learned about Discord, SRS, etc... Joined on a couple 'training' servers. But they seem idle. But I dont really know the right way (or place) to say 'anyone wanna fly with a noob on A-10Cs?' Anyway all help/advice appreciated! Stilgar
  4. Folks, Im looking to add a active head tracker to my setup (TrackIR 5). It seems the wireless UTC IIs are out of stock. Any other good recommendations? (Wireless preferred) Thanks in advance! Stilgar99
  5. Well I have watched lots of videos on 'how to' adjust external views, but for the life of me, I cant seem to duplicate the 'gopro on the wingtip looking forward' view. Even when I use the exact keystrokes the folks on the youtube videos use, it does not work the same on mine. (FYI..I have latest DCS World, A-10C, FC) Everyone seems to say to use the F4 view. When selected I get a view from about 20 ft behind and above the aircraft. I can rotate, zoom, the view around the center point (middle of the aircraft?), but I cant find any way to get it on the wingtip. I think I need to move the actual center point of the camera, but I cant find any way to do that.... I bet Im missing something simple.... Any/all help appreciated! Stilgar99
  6. Thanks WarriorX! The tutorial was great. Now I know what to do. (I was on the wrong radio....duh...) Stilgar
  7. OK...Im doing something dumb.... The mission generator tells me that I need to communicate on 30Mhz FM. I go to the comm panel and cant set it to 30.....as soon as I go below 100 (i think) it just generates a tone. I tried 300...and that also was not it... Im sure Im doing something stupid.....any help appreciated. Stilgar
  8. Ok. Think I got it now. I was missing the very last TMS up short to get the mav to lock on. Thanks all for the help! Stilgar
  9. Ok Im still having trouble. I do what folks advise above and yes..it DOES slew the mav to the Tgt point. However, even on a nice clear tank...its not locked on. (yes im in range). I find I have to slew off of it and back on to get it to 'lock on'. Why wont it lock on right away? Stilgar
  10. Thanks all! I will try these tonight. Stilgar
  11. I am having trouble with something. According to the training I am supposed to be able to get the target that is currently selected with the targeting system (i have it set to a POINT target) to 'pass' to the maverick system by using the 'LALT-Up arrow' key command (default). It never works. This sucks cause I can easily zoom in and find targets with the targeting pod but then when I go to the Mav I cant find them (cause the mavs wont 'zoom in') Anyway its really a pain. All help / suggestions appreciated. Stilgar99
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