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  1. A few A-10C themed entries from RIAT yesterday :)
  2. More Yeovilton: The French visitors put on an absolutely amazing show. I think the Rafale was easily the most agile thing in the sky that day; incredible showmanship. Super Etendard. I grew up reading about these, forever associating them with Exocets and HMS Sheffield. Curious I should first see one at a Royal Navy base.
  3. Yeovilton Air Day 2011. Hot of the press today :) Cheers James
  4. OR "Jesus, how much does this f**king thing cost?!"
  5. It's possible the crew did not fully comprehend how much trouble they were in; hopefully it was a similar case for the souls in the cabin.
  6. Sulman

    ArmA III

    Actually, this is an interesting paradigm shift from the community. There are many of us that did buy Arma (1) for the Campaign, because CWC in the original was so utterly brilliant and immersive. Strange that BI have trained us to accept that we don't necessarily expect a good campaign system out of the box.
  7. I see a resemblance. You don't. I wasn't asking for a debate. Move along.
  8. You'd argue with a signpost, wouldn't you? Proportions & general form show Su27 lineage, if you prefer.
  9. I do love how it is clearly descended from the Su-27. A very elegant looking aircraft.
  10. This is actually a great feature. I really notice it in BS & any titles that have long load times - the 2nd run is much, much quicker.
  11. You're talking fractions of a degree, there. I don't think one should be so dismissive of post-stall maneuverability. Stating it is redundant because of the capability of AAM's is very simplistic, not unsimilar to the belief that the cannon was finished in the 1950's for the same reasons. If cruise drag efficiency was a primary design criteria then the design of the F-22, Sukhoi and MiG TVC systems would not have featured such ambitious nozzle capability, capable of large angles off the engine centreline, as this is very challenging to design for in terms of weight, reliability, and maintenance.
  12. Mysterious RPM rollback (in the sim) is definitely a symptom of icing. You can switch them on as part of your checklist items - there's a small power penalty but - if in doubt - (I've seen a few MP scenarios where this has caught me out) switch them on. Annunciators are just above the front window.
  13. With the heading channel engaged (with turn-to-target selected), the helicopter will stil not quite line up the reticles - this displacement you see is quite normal. You need a hint of rudder to squeeze off the shot. As Riptide suggests, holding down trim whilst adjusting your aim will lockout the holds and allow you to point where you like, but be careful doing this in autohover - you can destabilise the aircraft if you're not careful.
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