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  1. I am 100% agree with you. Why a feature of F/a-18 is placed in a paywall. I don't want animated deck crew and new carrier blocks. I have same question for the ATC. ATC is a basic feature of a flight simulator. Why basic ATC commands are placed in a paywall. I am sorry to say that the F/A-18 is not feature complete. To get features like ATC and ACLS you have to buy SC. Why?. Why it is forced.
  2. I really enjoyed this thread. KA-50 is easy to learn. AH 64 is a bit hard and difficult to control but with practice, it will be easier. In the long run, 64 has more features Radar, FLIR, Night ops etc. I like all the choppers in the DCS. The only chopper I don't like is Gazelle due to its flight model. For me, Ka-50 is like I am wheeling on a sports bike, while Apache is like I am learning to cycle
  3. Sorry I am not an English speaker. I read the thread and I agree with you on the topic of VRS. I don't have any evidence or proof but something is wrong with hip. The DCS MI 8 is very easy to get into VRS Other than the VRS issue it is one of the best module and Heli Sim available in the market.
  4. I am not a real world pilot but I think MI 8 is easy to get in VRS. During landing You have to give complete focus to VSI otherwise you will get into VRS. If your Heli is heavy then you must give extra precaution to prevent VRS, otherwise you will meet your friend called death
  5. I used mission editor and have no crash. Do you have any modes installed?. My game is not crashed a single time since 2.7 released. I am using 2d screen
  6. I encountered this end mission bug on multiple campaigns. I am frustrated as hell. I tried same mission multiple times but stuck on end mission button. I will try @BuzzLine fix.
  7. +1 yes please update Boom physics
  8. Next is Big update that is nice to hear :thumbup:
  9. I agreed with the post. It will add immersion to the sim
  10. Prove it. It is not Photoshoped ;)
  11. Yes you are right. Every thing moves.
  12. Thank you for the next update
  13. Looking forward to another great campaign. Currently playing Ranger's campaign next I will play this campaign. DCS has top notch aircraft but lack missions, quality mission and ED has a trend that no campaigns with newer aircraft. They charges premium but without any believable campaign. Once again thank you and keep it up the good work :thumbup:
  14. Misky you have a sniper eyes. Well done this looks really nice. Waiting for the link so we can test it.
  15. I have same question. What to do with Nvidia settings should I reset to default or what. @BIGNEWY what you have done with Nvidia settings. Please explain
  16. Yep I deleted fx and shader folders after latest update.
  17. Well I tried gpu scheduling I haven't notice any difference so I turned it off but after above video I will give it a try.
  18. This update was really bad for me. I have extreme stuttering. It was fine before this update. I am not using VR.
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