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  1. SVK Squadron will participate in these events. Squadron name: SVK Squadron or SVK Squad Active pilots number: 4-5 Pilots callsigns: will be updated but it looks like this SVK_Fox SVK_Teddy SVK_Stanley SVK_UVi SVK_rocketdog
  2. Nice vid :) Amazing situations were during whole campaign.:thumbup:
  3. I will start with your last kind words - see you in the next one - hope so, because events like this are only reason why I am still flying DCS. What I have to say is: that after this event, when Im putting up my headphones now, I still hear strange voice in my head ..... "HEY GUYS , server is up, password is MIZ xxx :thumbup: .......wait a minute guys server is down again" :lol: Oh those damm crashes of the server were terrible :) But most important thing is, that you did your best guys - XCOM, Greg, and because of that I will remember only those nice and fine things from whole campaign. Big respect gents. On behalf of whole SVK-squadron I would like to thank you. And last thing - somebody has posted here video with Teddys attack on C-130. Teddy flew without fuel during last seconds so he was pretty lucky that he did that kill :thumbup: Thanks Teddy for very nice "emotive" moment. Thanks also belongs to our opponents because withou them we couldnt have so fine time.
  4. Love the first one :) Great moment, I remember that, when we gave orders to Teddy that he must kill that C-130. "Dont worry Teddy this is one-way ticket mission for you :D
  5. Same problem here....for what we are spending money ???????:mad:
  6. Thank you so much. Anyway is it possible to update this mission to next patch? Could be helpfull.
  7. Coul you please somebody upload that file (5th mission) on the web. :helpsmilie: Both previous links are dead. Thanks a lot.
  8. After update 1 of 1.2.6 DCS is working fine without any crashes. So problem with 4GB wasnt the reason of the game crashes. DCS is working with 4GB after last update. :thumbup: SiThSpAwN you closed out TOPIC about this issue thats pitty so I would like to inform users that upgrade of RAM is not necessary. Dovi ty stary pako.
  9. 1. yes as admin 2. yes disabled 3. antivirus is on, will try. I would like to highlight that 1.2.5 was ok, right after update DCS is crashing and problems with C++ appears. So all conditions like antivirus and admin ....are still same.
  10. what is that new feature which is behind that massive upgrade from 4GB to 8GB? Sorry maybe it looks like stupid question but i didnt recognize it during 1.2.6 play. Comparing to 1.2.5 I didnt noticed nothing extra - visual. If there is something, ok . ..please inform me. But thing that I noticed is that 1.2.6 is crashing abnormally accoriding to 1.2.5. My personal feeling is that this is not about 4GB RAM or 8GB RAM. Most of us didnt have problems with 1.2.5 stability. Or not so much as we have now with 1.2.6. And If there is a bug in 1.2.6 which could be temporary solved or avoided by increasing of RAM....tell us. I paid for product where minimum reqs were published as 32 bit OS. It wasnt true, so I reinstalled all my apps and OS to 64 bit. And after 1 month of using DCS here we have are another issue with stability on 4GB of RAM. And it looks like after upgrade to more than 4 GB of RAM it could persist. Or let me ask you question: If I will upgrade to 8GB RAM, can you ensure me that 1.2.6 on single or multiplayer will be stabile? Yes or No? After answering of this question situation will be more clear for me. And please ED put 8GB to your website as minimum reqs.
  11. Most people in our virtual squad are not satisified so they are also users. Next thing: I have nothing against upgrading of any SW. BUT 1. minimum reqs must be published to all potencional customers and current customes. 2. you can update your product with new abilities and raise min reqs for instance to 64bit, to 8GB of RAM. But your SW must be operational, (playable) and better then version before. And Im not sure that this is that case when we are talking about 1.2.5 comparing with 1.2.6. Take a look to GAME CRASH section on this forum and maybe you will understand. And finally if this is some kind of support and help like you are offering: - this is progress - poor analogy - regret buying HP products... than "THANK YOU" :D and I will not pay for any new product form ED anymore. YES ....there is another way how to enjoy 1.2.6 to buy DCS for 30€ and upgrade your PC for 100€ and after new release 1.2.X , another upgrade for 150€ and so and so. :megalol:
  12. maybe from your point of view it is poor analogy, from point of view of users, not only from mine, it is annoying to got still new problems with new release of DCS. If this is progress....sorry, but it isnt. I bought DCS...- problems with 32 bit system (min reqs were 32 bit OS):mad: Ok - changed to 64 bit. :) 1.2.5 - everything is fine with 64 bit and 4GB of RAM.:) New release 1.2.6 - multiplayer sessions are freezing and crashing - singleplayer crashing :joystick: THIS IS NOT PROGRESS. Im working for ANSP as aeronautical information specialist and If I will offer some kind of PROGRESS like ED offers, customers will kill me probably.;)
  13. that depends on point of view...but when you are going to buy a car you know, and you are sure, that 95 octan petrol will be fine for your car. And after two weeks of using it, petrol company change 95 octan petrol to 90 octan with explanation that you bought wrong car....hmmm....you can buy another one....but after next 2 weeks it could be also wrong one.... Sorry but this is not fair :) But anyway, we will see how ED will solve this issue. If users of DCS will be satisfied or not. If not that is simple signal for all customers.
  14. 64 bit, but thats HP dc7700 cmt and Im not sure if motherboard supports more than 4GB. Because of 1GB limitation for each RAM slot....... Anyway...ED patches are "AMAZING". Im starting to regret that I purchased DCS. Still new and new problems. Old good FC2.....:(
  15. 1.2.6 4GB PROBLEM Same problem on my side with 4GB of RAM on 1.2.6. 1.2.5 for me was stable without any crash. Now Im not able to fly offline - campaign. It still crashing during play. So ...ED guys ....whats next??? Got your sim but not playable.
  16. For me 1.2.6 update is worst nightmare, DCS is still crushing, because of C++ nad so and so. Its really unstable, during last online fly, DCS has crashed 3 times in 10 minuts. :(:(:(
  17. Do you have somebody same problem with SAITEK X52 with TEAMSPEAK? I created SAITEK X52 profil and during the fly everything is ok, when I push buttom (for instance RADAR ON - key I) radar is on and everything is ok. But when I turn on TEAMSPEAK every key is repeated five, four times. I got clear install of TREAMSPEAK without any key mapped and so. This is strange issue. Any ideas?:helpsmilie:
  18. Copy - paste from web Minimum system requirements: Operating system: Windows XP, Vista or 7; Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz; Memory: 3 GB; Free hard disk space: 7 GB; Video: 512 MB RAM card, DirectX 9 - compatible; Sound: DirectX 9.0c - compatible; requires internet activation. There is nothing about 64 bit.
  19. I tried everything and I got still problem with MSVCR100.dll on my WIN7 32 bit. So its look like I will have to buy WIN 7 64 bit. If I knew it before I will not pay for FC3. Because I got a lot of things SW on my PC this could be "interesting" to change OS because of DCS world. After 1 year without LOCKON, FC and DCS I am back and I have to say ..... something is wrong. I already paid for product (FC3) and I have to install new WIN or will not use that product anymore on my PC with WIN7 32 bit. Gents...Im not happy...
  20. :D :D :D but it wasnt postman :D Sorry but If somebody would like to send to my home anything for spying me and I wll capture it I will never give it back :D
  21. It wasnt perfect event as I said, but of course It wasnt bad experience like last friday night after 9 havanna club rum sprint. I recovered from that and I will from this :D Riptide thank you for advice, anyway...ehm....I know GGtharos and I cant create or to make communication with him, cause of my personal feelings, but that`s another story. ;)
  22. You did get a warning, thats why it shows you going defensive to try and defeat the missiles on the track of the event when RIPTIDE's 120s go active on you. - No I didnt, I did that because rocketdog warned me that there is enemy who shoted him down, and he is somewhere real close to me so my plan was to turn back to WP3. Reason why I didnt noticed warning was maybe because that A120 was in position where my plane isnt able to capture missile "signal" or maybe I was in rush, who knows, I will analyze it with my doctor :D You are right- the exact same time so no one had an advantage due to it so you cant really use that as an excuse for being killed - pause occured for everybody, but sorry it isnt normal behaviour on the events like this could be, especially when you are under stress when your teamate was under fire and he is screaming that there is enemy somewhere close to you. Sorry but it is like when you are driving car, making hazardous moves on the road, because you would like to overrun somebody and in one second STOP.... :D :D and than again START :D :D Grab your steering wheel check your gear and try to recover to normal and so and so... you are in fact out of concentration. You are right that I cant survive that for 99 percent, nobody is going to negate it, but for me this was unprofessional to pause server during event like this. As you all know maybe :D I fly lockon many years and I love events like GI and OPFOR and also everytime Im enjoying it and everytime I taking it really seriously and I was really surprised last time :lol:
  23. I did something similar for old lockon and I would like to propose one thing. For better reading and visibility of the text labels it is good to use hallo effect or lets say outline. For better contrast of the blue labels it is ideal to use white hallo efect. What do you think? I can do that but I need source data.
  24. Sorry but great? After server pause......OMG what ws that?......I was killed by enemy fighter, I only noticed that I am dead without warning. So for me this was weird. Please let me know If you are going to pause server during fly, I will release my slot for anybody else.
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