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  1. I did a few weeks of research before I could build my setup. (some 2-position switches and 3-position switches). For the life of me, I could not figure the DCS Bios out. Probably because the instructions were (or seemed to me) out of date and inconsistent. I had an Arduino Leonardo, wires, and a set of some 3-pos and 2-pos switches. I watched this video and used the code he had to make a simple joystick. If you're doing just switches, you should only have to pay attention to that part of the code. It helped tremendously and made something that I thought was really complicated into something really easy. That being said, I bet you could make it even easier since you don't already have a board. You could also use this video with a zero-delay encoder.
  2. As you can see in the image below, the autopilot ROLL has support for a 3-pos switch, but the Autopilot PITCH switch (ALT/off/ATT Hold) does not. This would make programing physical switches (since I suck at coding) much easier if both autopilot switches had the 3-pos support.
  3. Once I worked through it line-by-line and tried to understand it, it worked beautifully! Thank you! This has been a few weeks of frustraition. I'm almost tempted to make another panel now. Does that make me a masochist? lol
  4. UPDATE: I finally got it to work, mostly. I used the video below to code my arduino as a regular gamepad with buttons only, and tied each switch state to a button. Funnily enough, the DCS F-16 Controls have some 3-position switches as controls, such as the Master Arm/Off/Simulate control. UNfunnily enough, the even though the two autopilot switches are 3-position, only the STG/HDG switch shows up as a 3-position switch, while the main autopilot is just tied to 3 separate buttons. So, I have to now figure out a way to get my 3position switch to work for the ATT/ALT Hold switch and I'm golden. Thanks all for helping me out. Video I used to code: Code I used in Arduino IDE: Final picture: (It'll be painted and closed up soon)
  5. I'm going into Sketch>Include Library>Add .ZIP Library and selecting that zip file (I'm not unzipping it). Right? Because, when I do that, and then it says "library installed" and I go to verify the Sketch, it gives me the same error code. Is it in the wrong directory or something?
  6. Thanks, now I'm getting an error for when I hover over : When I try to compile, the error goes to lines 45. When I hover over it, it shows this: No member named 'setup' in namespace 'DcsBios'; did you mean simply 'setup'? (fix available)clang(no_member_suggest) MasterArmPanelSketch.ino(44, 6): 'setup' declared here View Problem (Alt+F8) No quick fixes available
  7. Ok so I had a long post that seems to have been edited out all the good stuff. Here's how I currently have it wired for the Master Arm Switch using the code @No1sonuk posted above. I haven't tested yet, but just wanted to see if I'm on the right track. 1. I have a GND (green), then the "ARM" going to Pin 4, and "Simulate" going to Pin 3. Also, I'm using Arduino IDE 2.0.0 and when I go to validate the code, I get a big long error message. Obviously, I have no idea what it means, but I'm guessing it has something to do with how it's communicating with DCS-BIOS or the computer in general? Here's the error code: I feel that if I can get this one switch to work, the rest will be easier. As always, any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. My goal is to make a small panel of switches in the F-16. Top Left Panel: 1x Laser Arm (on/off) 1x Master Arm (on/off/on) 2x Autopilot function switches (on/off/on). I'm pretty confident I can wire the switches up, but I feel like getting it to work in DCS is over my head, or I'm just overthinking it. What's the best way to go about this?
  9. Thanks. I'll check this out. Didn't know it was so complicated just to wire some switches up and use in game.
  10. This is what I'm trying at the moment, but it's a lot more complicated than it seems. I've just spent the past hour just trying to get it set up, because the original user guide for DCS-BIOS has a lot of instructions that seem to be defunct or have changed over the years. It stinks, because the instructions are so straightforward. Right now, the "DCS Connection" in the DCS-BIOS Hub page wants my saved games put back into C drive, which it's not. It's on an L Drive now, but I've copied the script that was provided and placed it into my L:/Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/Scripts/Export.lua file, with no luck. (I moved my "Saved Games" folder to another drive. To get the check boxes to work, I made a new fake "Saved Games" folder in C:/ Drive. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to get the Virtual Cockpit to come up.
  11. Hello, I'm a novice at all this, but I have wires, switches, and an Arduino board. All I want to do is wire up a few switches. (F-16 Master Arm Panel w/ autopilot switches) I don't know code, so I'm wondering if a Zero Delay Encoder would work better than what I have now, which is Arduino Leonardo? Or, does someone knows a simple sketch I can use for just one 3-way switch on the Arduino? I could just go off that to make the rest. But I know just enough about coding to know I hate it. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  12. Weren't those videos supposed to be released like a week apart for the next 20 weeks or something?
  13. You deserve one, my man!
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