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  1. I'm not familiar with that profile as I like to write my own using TARGET, but I'm also not sure how this solves the problem of discrete switch positions being replaced by toggles. ie APUOn and APUOff bindings replaced with a single APUOn/Off
  2. I have to jump in here for a +1. I've just started flying the MiG-21 again, took a break for a few years when the switches changed to a toggle, and this is still bothering me. I hope there is a chance these can be reinstated alongside toggles, please?
  3. Count me in as interested. Would love to have a proper hat - the current one bugs me. Subscribed to this thread
  4. Most definitely this. You will be amazed by what the warthog is capable of with scripting, the GUI doesn't even come close. Layers, long/short press, chains, sequences and even logic flags... I did exactly this with no programming/scripting experience just hacking through the manual and help from forum members. Good luck
  5. Erjdriver if Target is used it essentially takes over your hotas there is no "pass through" commands. If you don't define it in target, it is exactly the same as it not existing. Kind of all or nothing
  6. +1 I remember learning everything from Ironhand back on Flanker 2.5 Very easy to listen to and explains what you are learning. Fond memories
  7. I'm always having problems with Target :music_whistling: Disclaimer: I am generally the problem - noob
  8. Thanks The profile works fine bar the drop. I've tried numerous ways PULSE, UP/DOWN, D() etc and can't get it to go. Positive its me - but i can't work out what it needs to be
  9. I've been learning how to script in TARGET and I'm pretty happy with things so far. My problem is that I can't seem to punch off the centreline droptank on the MiG. I've got the binding right and even shows correctly in game but the damn things are still being complete limpets :) I'm sure it's the way I've written it that's the problem but despite my ham-fisted tinkering can't get it right. The grand idea S3 - Short press - centre TrackIR Long press sequence 1: Drop Wingtanks Long press sequence 2: Drop Centretank Any help greatly appreciated :shocking: Be forewarned scripting format may not be up to standard. Some things are over automated/complex as I try out new things MiG-21Bis Profile.rar
  10. Yeah just finding that out. Still work in progress I guess - here's hoping
  11. I'm making a profile for my Warthog and I can't seem to find a button for the Radio Station Control Panel (RV13). I'd like to be able to map the MSU/MSD to change radio stations quickly if needed. Is there some buttons I'm missing in the keylist?
  12. I've set mine up exactly as you have - not sure of any other options
  13. I was looking for this answer also
  14. Ok that is pretty cool and helped a lot. Last bit is just working out how to avoid CHAIN() in an EXEC() for the sub mode and I think I'm there.
  15. You'll probably find most people make a profile to suit their needs seeing as there is quite a few differences between the sticks. I'm in the process of doing precisely that, it takes a while given that I'm currently still learning the scripting.
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