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  1. Desert mod footage ${1}
  2. redfish

    Dirt Rally

    Wanted: Professional Rally Driver Something different.
  3. Nothing wrong with it. Keep the Zoom on the game ED.
  4. Mustang Spending a bit of time in the stang.
  5. Stuff An old video with Archon and me returning some lead to the earth. Props to Python for the close target recce Arma 3 style.
  6. DCS Huey Pickup - AEF 161 Squadron Hello, A quick vid this time with DanTron flying the Huey in one of Mogs missions. Similar to the thread in the link below. Slinky Link: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=123622 Redfish
  7. Good video, especially 9mins 46 seconds is hilarious fellas. Great watch.
  8. Flying in Low Blow's mission Rabid Dog's v 1.37.miz. In this mission me and Evers are flying in Hueys using the ridgelines and terrain for cover, while 3minence provides top cover in the A-10 right up until he has to leave to go an have dinner. The mission is to do something, somewhere with sling loads. But as usual the mission brief is completely ignored and me an Evers work our way north up the valley, turn left and then go west for a while and then turn south a bit more and land at a great picnic spot in the hills. Then we lift off and fly south a small bit and I get shot up in the butt. I end up crashing and Evers lives to tell the tale and have children that I never will, because I died up on that hill top. (ed: great positioning for a AAA unit Low Blow.....) Somewhere in the footage I kill a AAA truck thingy with rockets and start a blue on blue. Evers gets a snap shot at a AAA truck and destroys it as well. Great flying with you guys. Redfish Chapters 00:40 Enemy AAA 01:45 Rocket attack 03:00 Minigun attack 03:55 Blue on Blue 07:53 Go West 14:20 Nice spot for a picnic! (RV point) 15:40 Targets to the south 1 nm 18:54 Running in 19:14 IN from the North to the south with Rocket. 20:33 Evers below line of sight. 21:36 Peek-a-boo
  9. There should be a descriptive description, describing the joys of Sling loading in 1.2.8. But for some stupid reason, the iPhone YouTube app won't let me cut n paste my own text from the YouTube video I just posted. What makes it more infuriating is that I've made a mistake with the title 'dC' and can't change it!!?!?!$@& [rant over] As you may have guessed, it's a video about sling loading in the Huey...... Note to self - use a laptop next time and don't try adding posts while in moving train... Damn stupid iPhone.......
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