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  1. Hey Vectorforfood

    Are you still having this issue and if so what are you running the dedicated server on? 

  2. People from across the planet can connect, people in my host nation cannot for example, most people cannot, some people from other countries can connect, some people from that same country even ISP cannot. Things I have checked: Ports are open, tried multiple different ports Friend with same ISP, same Router, same package, same country can host without issues. Tried making rules in firewall Tried disabling firewall completely Tried changing the drive it is installed on Users that do connect, it works flawlessly, excellent ping, no latency or de-sync. Users that cannot, get stuck on the loading screen and must force close DCS to recover. This SAME issue occurs by the way, if I host inside DCS game itself, which leads me to believe something on my end is inhibiting certain connections. ANY help is appreciated, I am going bonkers here. This is the only indication I get: (I removed the IP of the User for Privacy 1:33:06 PM.250 INFO NET accepting connection from (REMOVED IP FOR PRIVACY):50421 1:33:06 PM.260 INFO NET adding client[2] 1:33:06 PM.880 INFO NET added client[2] name=Taco addr=(REMOVED IP FOR PRIVACY):50421 1:33:06 PM.880 DEBUG NET ServerInfo json size is: raw = 741, gzip = 329. 1 chunks. 1:33:06 PM.433 INFO NET remove: client[2] 1:33:06 PM.433 DEBUG NET ServerInfo json size is: raw = 733, gzip = 324. 1 chunks.
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