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  1. Hi ED, I've noticed a bit of a werid issue (I think somewhat recently, although it could have always been there but am only just now noticing it as I dial in my VR settings) whereby if I move the stick from left to right and simultaneously look at the UFC, the UFC/entire dash becomes blurry (almost as if there's micro suttering going o). To test I'm flying the F-18 Navada Free Flight mission and my settings are below. I'm running a Reverb G1 at 100% StreamVR scaling res & 90fps (no motion repro.) and no mods. I'm averaging 8ms GPU frame time (at ~60% utilisation) and 6-9ms CPU frametime so I don't think its a hardware issue. The werid thing is that if I turn the 'Head Movement by G-Forces in Cockpit' settting off, the issue goes away. What I will say is that when moving my head around the cockpit and looking outside (whilst moving my head left-to-right), I don't experience any motion/microstuttering. I've done other tests and the 'issue' (if indeed it is a thing and I'm not just being oversensitive) exists when flying the F-14. F-16 and F-5E also. Is this expecfted behaviour or a problem? Thanks
  2. Ok, so I'll chime in here with my $.02 after initally struggling. Perhaps others have pointed this out but this thread has exploded and I'm struggling to keep up with all the replies. Installing the OpenXR Toolkit (companian app) is an absolute most (for me anyway) as it allows me to lock my frames to 45fps. Before when I was playing around I didn't have it installed and wasn't able to do this and kept getting a horrible jittery mess. Note that I am also forcing motion repro to 'always on' and have changed my native scaling to 60% but after doing all this, I was able to max out a lot of the slides (inc. 'ultimate' clouds and 2x MSAA). One thing I'd note has others have mentioned already, OXR motion repro is far behind the curve when compared to StreamVR's implementation; there are a lot of artifacts etc that StreamVR handles better in this dept. Overall its probably a net positive experice but until they sort out the motion repro, I think I'll go back to StreamVR and take the hit on being able to bath in sweet glorious visual fidelity in favour of running at 90fps
  3. Can I ask what you mean by 90Hz motion repro always on and unlocked? Have you forced motion repro to ‘always on’ in OXR settings and the ‘unlocked’ setting you’re talking about is somewhere else?
  4. @edmuss I’m not running a 1080ti, I’m running a 3080ti with a 12900k @ 5.2Ghz but I’m wondering if the OXR scaling set to 60% that I’m running is giving me problems? I haven’t installed the dev tools yet so I haven’t been able to play around with any settings above render scaling but the experience has not be ideal for me
  5. @Dodge I see you’ve got motion repro disabled in OXR Dev Tools; I tried the same settings as you last night (inc 100% scale setting) and all I got was a horrible jittery mess. Are you finding your experience smooth? I really want this to work but for me at the moment, SteamVR seems to be giving me a much better experience (motion/smoothness wise). I will say not having the menus flickering and the overall sharpness in my Reberb G1 a plus however
  6. Maybe that’s where people are going wrong, saying things like ‘then they will go to 11ms when you hit 90fps’? How can you lock the frame rate at 45fps yet expect to get 90fps?
  7. Interesting, how are you finding 55-60fps as smooth? Moving my head left-to-right in the F-18 was all jittery, even at 80fps.
  8. @edmuss well thats just it, I've just done some testing and can say that I haven't found any improvement whatsoever. When using SteamVR at 100% render scale (and DCS settings turned way down), I get ~9-10ms frame time on PG when running 90fps. Under the extact same mission and same settings in DCS with OpenXR render scale set to 60% I'm nowhere close to being able to maintain 90fps (hovering around 80fps). Maybe I'm doing something wrong (or have a setting somewhere that I haven't configured correctly) but SteamVR seems to work much better for me. Admitedly the clarity is much better using OpenXR however. FYI running 3080ti and 12900k @5.2Ghz and Reverb G1
  9. Will we ever get exterior strobe lights (both the white flash/sterady on the right tail and the red on the left) that have a visual impact on the exterior frame as well as in the cockpit? I think the ones at the moment are a little dim and have no visual reflection on anything. I only really noticed as the exterior lights on the AH-64D seem to have a much better time reflecting on the exterior model
  10. Just thinking a bit more about it now, I think it would be really good (after doing a few hops and landing at a few AFBs in PG) in addition to a ‘cockpit shadows only’ setting would be an ‘airborne aircraft only’ setting. I found coming in to land without any shadows from my aircraft a bit of an immersion breaker so a setting that controlled either my own aircrafts shadows or only aircraft that were airborne would be great.
  11. I've just given this a go and think this option definitely needs to be implemented by Ed. Quick question though, does anyone know what the values that are being changed actaully control? For example {0.02, 2.5, 25.0, 250.0, 1500.0, 7000}, what does the '1500.0' represent, meters out from the cockpit?
  12. Bumping this, would be very helpful and as someone has said, would be superb low hanging fruit
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