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  1. What would you call a gentle turn in combat situation ? As we know @Mach 1.3 we still within the aircraft G factor limitations of 6.5G.
  2. you have to check that the firing trigger is unlocked on the stick. The keyboard combination is LCtrl +Space.
  3. Great news ....can't wait a perfect Kuznetsov !!!!!!!!:pilotfly:
  4. Oh yes !!!! It's a great news .... And I would like to thanks all of you for your support for the Flanker-D . This makes me very optimistic for the future ....and get hope for fixing the bugs on the deck . And also thanks for ED ;)
  5. Oh my god , in this way the 33 will seem more ugly ^_^
  6. We still wait for an answer ED ....I hope it's not too much :music_whistling:
  7. Ok the public voted ...we've got more than 100 poll with 86,79% of YES to the Su-33 ... i think it's crystal clear ...people wants more !!!!!
  8. The poll is still opened for more supporters !!!
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