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  1. There are basically two ways how to achieve a win in a mission where are enemy radar guided SAM/AAA systems present. Which one you choose depends on your mission goal. If you want to evade radar guided SAM/AAA systems and have another tasks than SEAD, or if you have a SEAD task but want to be more safe while engaging SAM systems, ECM can help you. If you turn it on, SAM/AAA radars will be able to lock you up at shorter distance. If you have your ECM off and a radar guided SAM/AAA system locks you up, just turn ECM on and the SAM/AAA will probably loose the lock (if you're not too close to it). The ECM effective range depends on the SAM/AAA's radar capabilities. For example the SA-10 will be able to burn-through your ECM "shield" at much greater distance than a S-6 because it has much more powerful radar. However if you need to outmaneouver a SAM (radar or IR guided) that has already engaged you, that Rich's video shows how to do it. ECM can't help you much in this case - only if a radar guided SAM system is engaging you at greater distance, there is some chance that turning ECM on will break a lock. IR SAM's are not affected by ECM at all.
  2. That's a video file mate, you probably don't have the right codec for playing it. And those screenshots are exactly what you were asking for - it shows you if the ECM is active or not...
  3. Hi mate! the first screenshot shows ECM off, the second screenshot shows ECM on. And this vid describes some basic missile evasion maneouvers: http://flankertraining.com/ironhand/Video/Outmaneuvering_SAMs-Ironhand.zip Good hunting! :pilotfly:
  4. Yep, sometimes 30 sec. is enough but wait 'till it stops and you're ready to go for engine start then. You can fill that time with other procedures (setting up your WCS, calling tower for runway heading, turning on nav lights and IR jammer etc.).
  5. I didn't find this particular skin for Lockon, but Wolfie created other Czech Su-25 skin, can be downloaded here: http://www.lockonfiles.com/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=getit&lid=729#dl It's also real one, used in 90's for display flying.
  6. Very nice work Colt, I like especially that excellently skinned Froggie at the top of that poster (Su-25K nr. 1002, 32th Tacticall Air Force Base of the Czech Air Force, based in Namest nad Oslavou). That skin was created between 5/13/1996-5/17/1996, designed by J. Martinec, realised in cooperation with A. Klovrza and others of the Pardubice Maintenance Base. Paint is from Leyland company.
  7. Jay

    F-15 Release

    Thanks mate! BTW great work, rep inbound
  8. That's a brilliant idea! Some things are just so simply clever... :thumbup:
  9. That would be nice! I can't forget how funny it was to shoot down a DC-10 in the FA/18 Korea sim (I know I'm crazy, no need to tell me that again :D)
  10. I don't recall any info about this but AFAIK there were some problems with machine gun synchronization on some WW1 planes so they simply added metallic plates on the propellers to solve this problem and prevented them from being shot off. In WW2 they've already solved this and used synchronized guns ordinarily. On some planes the gun's barrel was built into the propeller cone so no synchronization was needed here (how simple )
  11. Jay

    F-15 Release

    That link doesn't work for me, any ideas/reasons? Thx.
  12. Amen Brewb! I voted 'yes' because if it already is in the game I'd like it to be properly modelled... but... of course there are more thorny problems than this. Editor at first, you're right. I don't call for complete overhaul but possibility to use some basic scripts in the editor would be really nice, it would save us from occasional heart attacks at least
  13. AFAIK effects setting affects the amount of particles created when you hit a target, minimum settings should create low amount, high setting vice versa. Maybe there are also some graphics effects added using specialized GFX functions, but it's only a guess. I have effects set to high all the time so don't have any better comparison...
  14. Not to mention that when travelling M2+ you have to fly at very high alt so drag is higher because of the speed but at the same time lower because of the height of fly. That makes some difference but never so huge to slow down your bullets so quickly to shoot you down. But it's still possible to be bombed out of the sky with your own bombs So suicidal thoughts are always possible to realize
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