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  1. Maybe if you're going fast enough...
  2. Since the sample rate of the Track IR camera is 120Hz, it stands to reason that the closer you are to running at 120fps the better. Not sure why those 3 frames are giving you such a noticeable improvement, though. Perhaps something to do with breaking the half-framerate barrier? Though now looking back at some discussions, it seems that historically the issue was that any framerate between 60 and 120fps would cause stuttering, so folks were locking at 60fps. Interesting!
  3. Latency and bandwidth make Bluetooth a nonstarter for gaming. Maybe not so terrible for flight simming, but it really depends on the headset and BT controller - latency can get as high as half a second and audio quality will never be "good." USB wireless headsets exhibit far better performance than Bluetooth. They seem to be very popular with gamers and simmers, so that would be an option. For best quality and fewest issues, my choice would be (and is) wired.
  4. You are likely to get as many different answers as you are responses. Maybe refine your question a bit? What would work best for you, an analog headset (plug into audio jacks on your PC/interface), a digital (USB) headset, a pair of headphones and a separate mic (and again, analog or digital)?
  5. I've heard nothing but good things about the Virpil, so they seem to be a great option.
  6. I love my MFG Crosswinds, they are super-smooth and tweakable to my liking. That said, they are the only "good" pedals I have owned. When I bought my first pedals, the CH Pro Rudder, it was a revelation, but after a few years I became too aware of its flaws.
  7. The only tracer ammunition fired by the GAU-8 is the PGU-15 TP training round.
  8. And everyone is asking you to prove it.
  9. OK boomer. Yeah, there was one in II as well, and they weren't real Hinds, but the effect was the same. I know I'm not alone in originally thinking the Apache was cool because of Blue Thunder, which was a Gazelle. I wasn't really a Rambo fan.
  10. And maybe a bunch of us thought the Hind was really cool when we saw it in the original Red Dawn or Rambo III...
  11. It's still a distinct module, so you would need to download it separately either way. The hog is great fun to fly, enjoy!
  12. One quarter. You can fit four 720p displays in the area of one 1440p display. 1280x720 = 921,600 pixels 2560x1440 = 3,686,400 pixels
  13. +1, OmegaTau is a fantastic podcast, bonus if you speak German (the F-14 episode is in English).
  14. I'd guess it's the "Subtitles" option in the Audio menu, though that might remove more than you would like.
  15. Yeah, didn't see any negativity in the OP at all. Also, too much is being made of the processing required for such a thing. It's been a feature of Arma* and MSFS for a long while, and ultimately is just a large 2d image whose position is being updated regularly - a one-minute interval (or even greater) would be sufficient for DCS. *BIS even went so far as to make sure that apparent size of the stars doesn't change when you zoom in
  16. It's clearly optimized for mobile, where it looks good: ...which is more than can be said for how it presents on my desktop: ​​ I've seen other forums and sites make a similar move. Apparently mobile users are more important.
  17. Nothing to address. The "Game" and "Real" settings menus relate to which realism mode you are using - check Options > Gameplay > Game Flight Mode/Game Avionics Mode.
  18. Harzach

    Members age?

    Turned 50 in March. My Golden Jubilee has left much to be desired, though ED has kept things interesting with Supercarrier, Syria, and Warthog II!
  19. What size is your display (measured diagonally, corner to corner)?
  20. Check to see if you have some download restrictions in play: click STEAM at top left of Steam window select SETTINGS select DOWNLOADS check DOWNLOAD RESTRICTIONS section Also, check your internet speed/bandwidth at SPEEDTEST.NET
  21. I enjoy them all, but each one offers its own kind of fun, something others have already covered above. For me, the biggest "thrill" is in flying the Shark or Gazelle, with the Gazelle being my favorite overall. Again, nothing against the other modules.
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