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    To me it means you start with your engines running already and when you hot start in DCS that is what is happening, your aircraft is started and you don't have to start it.
  2. I have a 3 screen setup and would also love this.
  3. I have found that if you make the curves too much the 64 will fly very "sloppy" so don't over do them.
  4. Doesn't the back seat have a tinted front windshield? I know if I switch to Alt-F1 full screen view it is much brighter ?
  5. No problem there had just been an update and I was hoping it had been. I have since found out otherwise. Maybe next patch.
  6. I have same pedals and same problems and still do. I'm sure it's just the pedals and a lack of ah-64d knowledge. Those pedals are just hard to move small amounts with your feet and sometimes when I try they can suddenly slip and next thing I'm over correcting back and forth. However, You can still fly it and get fairly good at it with those pedal. When I first got It had the same feelings you have but they can be overcome with practice and knowledge. Some of your complaints seem to be lack of AH-64d Knowledge, no offence, and again I was exactly the same way. Watch some pilot videos and listen, there can be some real gems in them that will fix some of your questions and problems and help you tame the beast. And when I tell you I had same problems and feeling I mean it! I had to check who posted your post because I thought it was my post but didn't remember doing it. lol I can now hover without any auto pilot if need be, just do not get too close. I just love practicing landings and have gotten quite good at it if I say so myself. I now shoot tanks, trains, automobiles you know blowing up the town. :I can even fly the dreaded I beam onto a target. (if you don't know what the "I" beam is, you will)) Still have tons to learn, though. I may upgrade my pedals at some point but not for some time. Anyways Stick to it, it'll come to you. Good luck
  7. I've never actually watched them when I press trim for 3 seconds so I'll watch next time. I assume I need to let go once they are aligned?
  8. It doesn't matter it works fine on normal JS as well, it is what I use
  9. nope it will still matter a lot. There are no specific setting for all controllers you have to try them out and adjust the curves as necessary for each one to suit you.
  10. I have those same pedals and the same problem. I can only do very very slight movement,you could say just pressure its so little, but then all of a sudden it will become heavy with the imputs and I go swinging back and forth as I try to regain control. I think its the pedals and I'm personlly looking for a new pair.
  11. So how would I know what duration I should hold it and why does that make it go completly crazy out of control? I've read 3 seconds
  12. When I do that the helo goes crazy all over the place. Very odd
  13. Some of those are just "likes" with no comments
  14. Been trying to do out of ground effect hovering, above 50ft, and have found this is the time to start really making sure the bird doesn't get away on you. You need to anticipate what the helo will do when you slow down and stay ahead of it. It seems much more important to do this than it does for an IGE hover below 50ft. and be ready to hit that hover switch the second you are slow enough. and then let go of the controls and let it settle into the hover.
  15. Well, the UH-60l is a user mod so I won't go by that. As for low roter warning, what are you loaded down with? Whats the weather temp, Where are you at? All these thing can cause that warning if you have too much weight. But I'm no pilot
  16. They work but for me not that well. It is hell to hover as the pedals will eventually get to a point that they suddenly take a lot of input and makes me over steer. I can only make very very very small movements and my feet don't like that tiny bit of movement. It's like sticktion but its due to the tiny movements that are required. I can do most other things but hovering can be a real pain with those pedals, at least for me. But I don't want to buy 400.00 pedals so I'm sticking with them for now.
  17. Has Alt hold been implemented?
  18. I'm actually starting to go back the the ka-50 which IMO is the Russian Apache. So the ka-50 and AH=64d are and will be my favs for some time to come. I'm also giving up fixed wing, they are to simple
  19. Also Mine! I loved how all you had to do to land and have a successful mission was to dive into a triangle on the ground at full afterburner, no runways back then. We've come a long way, baby!
  20. Well, they are making more $$ than ever so I think they would disagree with you. oddly this was my take on the first update. I had been dialing in the controls and prenticing prenticing prenticing and then it was all different after that update and had to reset my controls. But nothing after this latest patch, everything is still normal. weird!
  21. It works great for take off also. I turn on the att hold the second I'm light on the wheels before I am even off the ground and it lefts up steady as can be. Finally someone can be next to me and I won't crash into them during take off. lol
  22. yep, I just can't get this anticipate moving controls BEFORE they are needed thing. More work required!
  23. I doubt that stat, sounds more like an opinion. I love VR for just tooling around and flying under bridges and stuff, but for serious missions there is just too much I need a full keyboard and clear vision for and after 20 minutes it starts to get uncomfortable to boot. I have a triple screen setup that works fine for 2d missions and is clear as can be.
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