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  1. Even if I cut the resolution down 50% while saving up for a new GPU? On a related note, how much difference would you anticipate between Ivy Bridge and, say, a Coffee Lake CPU? I obviously haven't bought a CPU in a few years and I'm unclear on how big of a difference the generation advances make to DCS.
  2. Howdy Folks. Been flying since BS1 days. Currently fly with TM Warthog, Saitek Combat Plus pedals, and TM Cougar MFDs (used to have the TM Cougar, regret selling it, should've put Hall sensors in it). My cheap Shimian 2560x1440 monitor just died (waiting on new PCB via aliexpress, wish me luck), so I'm looking into this VR that's all the craze these days. I picked up a cheap cardboard-ish headset for my iPhone XS; bar napkin math indicates an OLED display at roughly at 1120x1125 per eye, obviously not in any way optimized for VR. I know this isn't equatable to an actual VR headset, but I will say that I love the depth perception so far, even if cockpit displays are unreadable. My specs are also not up to VR snuff yet. I'm running an i5-3570k with 32GB of DDR2 at 1333MHz with a GTX 1060 6GB. Not beautiful, but workable for my old 2560x1440 setup. I'm looking at goggles that I can use for the next few months. At that point, I deploy for awhile, which means no sims but plenty of time to save up for some new hardware (chiefly a GPU). So what are y'all's thoughts on the Pimax 5K XR vs the HP Reverb vs the Valve Index? Here's what I've garnered so far: Pimax 5K XR Glorious FOV (170° horizontal!) PPD 12-21ish per wikipedia (assuming the range is horizontal vs vertical?) [*]2x2560x1440 OLED displays (gotta love dynamic contrast ratio) [*]Headphones+microphone [*]$900 Also needs steam base station? (necessary for tracking?) Valve Index Beautiful FOV (130° FOV) PPD 11 [*]2x1440x1600 LCD displays ("ultra-low persistence global backlight illumination" FWIW) [*]Headphones+microphone [*]$500 for headset +$149 for base station (necessary for tracking?) HP Reverb FOV 114° (is this good enough?) PPD 19 [*]2x2160x2160 LCD displays No IPD adjustment!? Is this a deal-breaker? [*]Microphone+removable headphones [*]$650 No base station! I come to you folks because DCS is going to be the primary use of this headset. Which of these do you have experience with and what do you think? Bonus points if you've used 2-3 of these [*]Is base station tracking an improvement over opentrack? I'm considering actually getting a trackIR clip if I can't afford a base station or 2 [*]What do you think of the contrast ratio between the LCDs and the OLED in the Pimax? How big of a deal would that be for night missions? [*]How much of an improvement over my iPhone XS setup will this be? (I'm hoping massive, but I'm worried it'll only be a moderate improvement) [*]Do I finally have to make the jump from Windows 7 to 10? [*]What other wisdom do you have? Edit: Reverb IPD, Windows version
  3. Hey folks. Is there any way to reposition the kneeboard on-screen without failing the integrity check? I've been out of the game for awhile and my old mod for this involves ViewportHandling.lua, which fails the check. I've got 3 monitors; main one is top-left with 2 smaller ones side-by-side below, but the right-hand one extends beyond the reach of the main monitor, so the top-right quadrant of the kneeboard is off-screen. Any help would be appreciated =)
  4. FWIW just tried to land on the Oliver Perry twice and crashed the moment I touched it both times.
  5. Wise move. I wish I’d made the jump years ago. The change in load times is fantastic!
  6. You'll have to remove your wallet every time you sit down or your credit cards won't survive.
  7. Holy cow! Just tried this for the first time and I love it! Is there any way to do custom controls in different aircraft? I use the mic switch fore and aft buttons for different functions on aircraft other than the Hog, but I use them as designed in the Hog. It'd be nice to not have to remap the controls when I change to a different airframe.
  8. Hey Folks. I'm currently running the following: Windows 7 x64 Ultimate 16GB DDR3 i5-3570K (3.4GHz, OC'd to 3.8GHz) GTX 570 2560MB x2 running in SLI 1920x1080 primary monitor with 1280x1024 secondary running my MFDs I originally picked up the GTX 570 2.5GB version in the hopes of future-proofing through SLI. It initially worked fairly well for most games. DCS, as always, is an obvious exception. I've had nothing but trouble trying to get it to behave with SLI. 368.81 seems to have killed SLI for me altogether (AFR2 only gets ~10% usage out of 2nd GPU now) and I can't figure out how to fix it. I'm currently kinda poor (too poor to dump $500 into a new GPU). My bro-in-law just told me about the GTX 1060 (coming out in 2 days), which sounds like a poor-man's GTX 10-series that still performs pretty well. Any thoughts about using it in DCS? From what I've seen, people seem to have had pretty good luck with the 1070. tl;dr do i upgrade from GTX 570 2.5GB x2 to GTX 1060 6GB x1?
  9. +1 We've been lua-hacking our way around this for years. It'd be a really nice feature to have integrated into the GUI.
  10. Thanks so much to the author for the amazing mod! I know it's premature, but any hope of an update for the 1.5.0 beta? =)
  11. On an unrelated note, you can totally see the IR jammer jamming away in this video! Gotta love how well parts of the spectrum get picked up by cameras =)
  12. Same issue, GTX 570. Edit: Fix for me was in options.lua: lights had somehow been changed from 2 to 1. Changing it back to 2 fixed it.
  13. If you're talking about the EEG for the good engine, be very careful that you don't burn out your one good engine. Also, this step is not in the emergency procedures for single engine failure during flight or during hover. Also also, don't forget to open up the fuel crossfeed valve. That will allow the single functioning engine to draw fuel from both the fore and aft tanks, hopefully avoiding a dangerous weight imbalance. The manual has a whole chapter (ch. 12) of checklists. Engine failure checklists start on ch. 12 p. 23 (aka p. 443).
  14. I don't have a default.lua that supports them. With that being said, this mod will allow you to assign custom commands to the press or release of any button, and this is a brief explanation of how to do so. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  15. No such luck. Thanks for the tip, though =)
  16. Alright, not to revive a dead thread, but I've finally gotten SLI sort of working with some games, but I'm still getting flickering clouds in DCS. I've got 2xGTX 570 2560MB. AFR2 is the only rendering mode that increases my FPS above using a single GPU. Does anyone know of any other flags in nvidia inspector that eliminate the cloud flicker? Barring that, does anyone know of any mods to disable clouds completely?
  17. When I drop my JATO bottles after takeoff, I get an F6-view invisible projectile attached to my aircraft permanently. I've noticed this in multiplayer; haven't tried duplicating in single-player.
  18. I've noticed, similarly, that when the RSBN is out of range, flipping the switch up to radio only doesn't stop the static sound. However, if I flip the RSBN/ARC switch to ARC and then back to RSBN, the sound disappears.
  19. Hey Folks! Happy new years! I recently returned to the pit after a 6-month hiatus and it feels good to be back. I also just picked up the Fishbed for Christmas. Question: How do I move the controls indicator? I have a weird 2-monitor setup with a 1080p on top and a 1280x1024 below it, horizontally offset by 363 pixels. With the Shark, Hog, and Pony, it's a simple fix in ControlsIndicator_page.lua. There's only one problem: The Fish doesn't have ControlsIndicator_page.lua, just ControlsIndicator.lua and the indecipherable cip. Any suggestions?
  20. +1 This holds true for attitude hold, as well as transition to level flight. If I get the bird into a pretty stable regime, it's better, but it's never butter-smooth.
  21. In my couple of years with the Cougar, i never got the micro stick to work as axis. The best I got was a script in foxy that pressed the slew buttons at different rates the further you pushed it. I don't know why DCS refuses to recognize it as an axis, but in several years of use, I never could get it to work.
  22. Is anyone having this happen intermittently? I can log in roughly once every 5 tries, and sometimes it takes a bit. Any suggestions or fixes for this in particular? Flushing the DNS cache did help once, but not every time.
  23. With the PVI-800, you have to enter the waypoint order if you want it to automatically select the next waypoint. This is also required for desired track info in the PVI-800. To do so, after you enter your waypoints into the PVI-800, switch it to OPER. Select NAV. Select your first waypoint, then press enter, then second waypoint, then enter, etc. until you're done. Then, if the NAV light is still on, click it to deselect it. Then you can select NAV again and you'll have a waypoint order!
  24. Sorry for your frustration. It's a pain when things like this change =( The mod is right in the post I linked, but it only allows you to configure the lua files like we used to be able to. If you aren't tweaking your lua files manually, it won't be of much use to you. Sorry =( If you are interested in tweaking the lua files (a somewhat daunting proposition), then here's a guide that shows you how to assign any clickable switch state to any button. You'd have to change the syntax to match the new format (again, in that post I originally linked), but other than that things are the same. Note: if you like modifiers (e.g. hold down the pinky switch to change the function of all the buttons), you can do that with the lua file method. You cannot easily map sequences of buttons (e.g. open the switch cover, then flip the switch, then close the switch cover); it's doable, but it's a huge headache. I hope this helps a little. I feel your pain; control changes suck =(
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