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  1. Does anybody know a safe way to "unstick" the Thrustmaster Warthog Joystick? Over time it is just getting more and more finicky. Can't really make small movements now.
  2. Solved. Deleted the F-15C input files after trying an aircraft I have not and found it working. Must have been corrupted input files somehow?
  3. Keyboard does not work at all with FC3. I can use my joysticks, but TrackIR and the keyboard do not work. Can't even hit escape. I have to CTLALTDEL to get out of the game. Other modules work fine. Did a reinstall and only installed FC3. Still does not work.
  4. Did a re-install and only installed FC3. Absolutely no control inputs except joystick axis's and buttons. Have to CTLALTDEL to get out.
  5. I have tried two FC3 aircraft and they work fine except the F-15C. I cannot do anything in that aircraft. Keyboard does not work at all, Track-IR does not work, but joystick input works. Escape does not work so I have to use my mouse to click on the start bar in order to get keyboard responses. Alt+F4 does nothing. Again this is only with the F-15C. Su-25T works fine. Ediit: Just realized Su25T is a World aircraft. So FC3 isn't working for me. Keyboard inputs do not work at all. Every other module works fine.
  6. It was the central position option. Figured it out, came here to write it and saw something already posted. +1 to you sir.
  7. Alright, did more debugging. It is NOT due to any ingame physics such as Vortex Ring State. I lose all input into the simulator. Happened majority of the time when pushing the trim button. Even in level flight at 100 knots it happens now. I push the trim, and lose complete control of the heli. To fix it I have to engage then disengage the autopilot.
  8. I have to look through a camera to see things? So when my friends walk into my room I have to look at them through the screen. I will probably never buy something like this in my life. Maybe if all I did was flight sim. But I don't, so I won't probably need one for plain old gaming. Commercially and training purposes this thing is awesome. But personal use it looks un-needed.
  9. Well it is assigned, but not sure to right things. Can somebody post what their mouse axis are assigned to? I also found out that the aero might be messing up the client and that I should alt tab out and back in. then disable aero if it isn't. ill report back after work.
  10. My free aiming doesn't work. Tried using lalt+c and it does nothing. Even my external view my mouse doesn't control the camera. Anybody know what is going on?
  11. I failed to mention, I control zoom with the slider on my warthog throttle, not with track IR. But changing the slider axis limits in the options fixed it for me, mostly.
  12. I am already annoyed with this TrackIR thing I have to wear. No way I am wearing a full helmet. How will I drink my beer and be able to see where I set it down?? And I can't see my keyboard. Which is huge problem.
  13. Anybody? It is driving me nuts! Unable to look around and unable to aim with mouse on Huey still. I looked in options and mouse is in there for camera controls.
  14. Ok I need some help getting the selector between rockets and guns working. I went into the Input configs and tried to do what I do with the KA-50 by adding: I added the up = 3021 and value_up = 0. I also tried value_up = 2. Anybody know how to map the Huey controls??
  15. When I go to external view (F2) I cannot look around with my mouse. Also, apparently if TrackIR is paused I can use the mouse to aim the Huey's guns, but I cannot do anything with my mouse. Only thing I can use it for is clicking in-cockpit switches.
  16. So do a steeper descent in the Huey than the KA-50. With the KA I usually did a low approach.
  17. I don't think it is that. I know how those form. I am in level flight at about 40 knots, decending about 200 feet per minute. Then my controls freeze. No rudder, no cyclic, no collective. Pitched up about 5 degrees.
  18. When slowing from flight speed to hover, I lose complete control of the helicopter. No input from control stick or rudder pedals can happen. If I engage autopilot it will recover level flight. Then I disengage it resumes normal control. But if it slows again from forward flight the same thing happens. What in the world is going on.
  19. Mine doesn't let me use mouse when I pause TrackIR....
  20. I don't know what the default FOV's would be. I used the CameraAngleLimits so that my farthest zoom out was normal, then had two further zoomed in ones. A solution I found so far was to just adjust the axis itself in the options. I lowered the saturation to 75-80 and it looks alright now. Though I cannot zoom in as far as I could pre-patch.
  21. After this patch, it seems they did away with CameraViewAngleLimits in config/view. I used this to put the zoom FOV's to a manageable setting for my triple screen. Now with this new patch I am sitting in a fishbowl and cant see jack. At middle zoom I can see maybe 2 gauges and max zoom a single digit. It is crazy now. Somebody please figure a way to fix this. I tried inserting the old camerviewanglelimits in with an extra [uH-1H] line, but it didn't work. Help!!
  22. After this new patch, I cannot find the CameraViewAngleLimits anywhere in Config/View/. Seems like things were changed and I cannot get the FOV to work again. I used to use 40.0,145.0 .... Now I zoom waaaaaayyy too far out, and zoom in is too far. How can I put it back to the way I set it up for???
  23. Wasn't this a feature in the past? I could have sworn in the past I received “incoming missile” warnings. Long ago...
  24. Here are my computer specs: Intel i5-3570K OC'd to around 4.3Ghz Intel Z77K Extreme board 8GB Vengeance GTX 670 FTW edition The GTX670 has three display outputs on the back. Currently I have two 38" TVs, but only one setup as a monitor. The TV's are horrible PPI, so I have been leaning towards getting a smaller, high PPI screen. I have a couple options here as I have a bit of extra money now... Should I: 1) Setup the two monitors as side by side dual screen. But have a huge black strip through the center (the tv's are thick edged) 2) Invest in a triple screen (21"-27" maybe?) and try to mount them or place them on my desk somehow 3) Just stick with single tv. But get two small screens to export the two screens from the cockpit. I don't know how I would position the screens to not be in the way of the main display. Thoughts?
  25. Ok I am a dumb***. I see the thread right below mine now. Apologies. Close thread :\
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