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  1. This initial question hasn't been answered. What happened to SniperXR, VSR, DTC and the rest? Are these systems not going to be implemented anymore?
  2. I use HTS with AGM-88 HARMs to destroy the radars (their ability to see) and afterwards I come with either CBU-105 or Mavericks to finish the job. I stay at a safe distance from the SAM and from here I force them to fire their missiles on me. There are SAMs that have the ability to shoot down your missiles or bombs (AGM-154) that's why I choose to destroy their radars first. I wait for a break in their fire and that's when I use my missiles to destroy their radars.
  3. In WPN page TMS down short and then the modes can be changed.
  4. What if it's the other way around? What if the basic model has the chute, and the customer (USAF in this case) chose not to add it? What's your source? Blk 50s have drogue chutes, but this won't be simulated in DCS because we have a depiction of a USAF model.
  5. I know and understand that the aircraft depicted in DCS is a USAF block 50 circa 2007 (if my memory serves me right about the year). I was just answering to G.J.S. who stated that block 50s don't have drogue chutes, when in fact there actually are blk50s operating with it in other air forces. As is with the A/B models (portuguese don't have chutes, while dutch models have).
  6. Polish, greek and turkish block 50 F-16s have drogue chutes.
  7. In the Russian VSI one notch is 1 m/s. If the needle is on 5, than that's 5 m/s of vertical speed. 200 m/min is around 3 m/s which might get you in VRS or at least a 'bumpy' landing.
  8. I've setup a mission of free flying to get used to the machine. During two landing attempts I noticed the tail rotor just loses authority. With my right pedal fully pressed the helicopter continued to rotate to th e left (counterclockwise). Yaw channel was also engaged. I've attached a track file for analysis. Mi-24 tail rotor.trk
  9. Inverting X and Y in the FF Tune options worked. Thank you so much for the assistance.
  10. Yes, FFB is enabled in the MISC options. I use the same settings as for the Mi-8. In Mi-8 the trimmer works, but in Mi-24 it doesn't.
  11. I fly helicopters with a Logitech G940 with FFB. In the Special meniu I have selected the Default trimmer settings and also I have selected pedal trim (as like in the Mi-8 module) but it doesn't work. It doesn't trim the cyclic. The trimmer button doesn't work and also the trimmer hat doesn't work. Sometimes it trims the pedals, but not always. If necessary I will provide a track file.
  12. On a Logitech G940 with FFB the cyclic trim doesn't work at all. It only trims the pedals.
  13. Thank you all for your replies. I deleted the files as Desert Fox suggested (it was the easiest to do) then I selected 'repair DCS' and I launched the sim. Now it works ok.
  14. Unfortunately I've messed up my cockpit view point in DCS while playing with TrackIR. I've tried moving the position of the pilot's head view point, but it's still weird. Can anyone help me with the original file that sets the default cockpit pilot head view position?
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