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  1. Thanks ED for that Patch, like the new sound
  2. Skin looks really nice, thank you for uploading :)
  3. downloading... Big Thank You:)
  4. Happy New DCS Year to all:beer:
  5. If i remember correctly, it's because SU33 is the only AC wich have animated Canards like EF, but i'm not 100% sure about this. Maybe someone with more info on that can correct me, if i'm wrong:)
  6. Here you can find the latest shots: http://www.lockonforum.de/thread.php?postid=38877#post38877 Seems that textures are beeing worked on. Greetings
  7. Hello I'd like to say thank you too for the Update ED. Waiting here since the first announcement of LO - BS, like many others. For me the only interest goes into the "Western" Version and i will fully support it, when it comes out. I feel not sad, that this version comes out at a later point, than the CIS Version, i've waited for years, now can easy wait a few Months and i know, that i'll be happy with it:thumbup: But i would feel sad, if the delay gets bigger caused by a few Pirates, who do not respect this great Genre and the Developers behind it.:cry: Thank you! Alex
  8. European pieces from Dassault, or Saab... ...and for the dreaming part, Eurofighter. greetz
  9. Hello! After downloading and having a short Flight i have to say, great Modell! Big thank you for this wonderfull work.:thumbup: greetz
  10. Great Report! Thank you. especialy the Interview with Jim an that Harrier thing:thumbup: Greetz!
  11. l.e.x


    Thank you for the Tip Joe, but the Throttle and the Clutch use seperate Axis, AFAIK you can't assign left and right Rudder input on seperate Axis in LOFC, or am i wrong? Greetz
  12. l.e.x


    unfortunately not all driving Wheel Pedals work good for flying. Used the Pedals from my old Momo Racing wheel for some time and it worked not bad in LOFC, but since I've upgraded to a Logitech G25 this does not work properly. The brake Pedal needs much more force to Input than the right Pedal and that is not comfortable for flying:) I'll get my Hand on some Rudder Pedals for BS for sure CH or Saitek, don't know yet. For TrackIR i have to totaly agree with all other Users that it's a must have. My first was TrackIR2 and then upgraded to TIR4, Can't do without it anymore. I use it also for Armed Assault, rFactor and GTR2 and its great! lG
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