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  1. Hi. In case of accidentally exit out of ACL format on left DDI, is there any way for getting the ACL view again without performing a new System test? Thanks. Antonio.
  2. Hi. After pressing OSB 5 for boresighting the TGP, the top left corner of the MFCD shows "wide" (if previously set to NARO) but the actual view does not reset to wide, it remains on narrow. A reset with china hat fwd must be done in order to turn back the actual view to wide. I attach the track. Thanks. Antonio. TGPBORESIGHTNARROW.trk
  3. In my case, two Mode 1 approaches and two bolters. Auto throttle disengages shortly before contact with the deck. Aircraft couples and follow tad pole properly (3DME/1200 feet), but no "CMD CTL" and no "10 SEC" message shown (all communications and profile well done).
  4. Another issue. I guess the message “10 SEC” on DDI and HUD 12.5 secs. before touchdown is not implemented yet.
  5. Hi. After a blown tire I asked for a repair and found that the ground crew did not fix the damaged tyre. Thanks. Antonio.
  6. Yes, the engine temperature is always within limits. I made some more flight tests and I think this is a weather related issue. As said before the flight was created under cold weather ops (January, Caucasus (Vaziani), low clouds and low visibility, 5ºC OAT, with (curiously) both rain and snow falling on the platform. If the pitot heat connection is delayed a few minutes, the indicated airspeed will be blocked during take off run, reading zero kt. And if the engine anti ice is disconnected when out of clouds, after 10 minutes the COMPUT caution message will be shown. So for the moment, the only way to avoid this is connecting immediately after the engine startup, both engine anti ice and pitot heat, and keeping engine anti ice connected during all the flight event flying in clear air (out of clouds). I tried increasing the OAT from 5 to 10ºC and had the same problem. The maximum temp allowed for this map in January and February in Vaziani is 10.4ºC, so in order to get these failures it is necessary to create a mission under these conditions. Thank you.
  7. Hi. I found several issues on the 101EB: 1-In cold weather op, speed not alive during take-off roll (abort). All procedures (pitot heat and eng. anti ice) properly done. 2-After several min. of flight, Computer caution message. If not reacting immediately, engine fire will come. But if reacting, the engine performance will degrade progressively. 3-Batteries overheating (all flights). After following the emergency procedures, the message is still present, and even disconnected, the >70º warning message appears after several minutes. 4-No sync between cockpits for several flight director modes (I tried Altitude Hold, flickering on rear cockpit and sending wrong guidance in front cockpit). 5-Fuel pump switches on rear cockpit. The two left switches are blocked on MAN position. Unable to move. 6-The mapped commands for throttle are inverted (IDLE shuts down the engine and Shut off moves the throttle to the idle position.) Muchas gracias. Antonio.
  8. Perfect. So please Admin, change title to no bug. or delete thread. Thanks Tholozor.
  9. I answer myself: For the "Empty" preset, the pylons weight is included. But removing all the 5 pylons it remains 130 lb.
  10. Hi. Using the "Paint and loadout" window on mission editor I noticed that the total weapons weight of the Hornet with no stores and no gun rounds is 1510 lb. All the rest of airplanes show 0 lb. in that window, as expected. Is there something wrong? Thanks.
  11. Now much better feeling for small corrections, specially during close formations or AAR.
  12. Hi. As far as I know, on NATOPS A1-F18AC-NFM-200 there are three different climb profiles for military power: Climb Speed Schedule (CSS), 350kt to constant MN, and Peak Rate of Climb (PRC), but I'm not sure of the difference between CSS and PRC. I tested the hornet during climb using Peak of climb profile, the KCAS mantained during climb is slower than the CSS until aproximately FL300, then it becomes slightly higher. I noted that the shedule profile mapped on DCS on FPAS Climb feature computes exactly for CSS Drag Index 0 (515KCAS to MN0.85). So, concerning to Peak Rate of Climb and Climb Speed Schedule, what is the exactly difference? Wich of them should to be used for reach before the Top of Climb (best rate of climb) and wich for best angle of climb? I still making my own tests. Thanks.
  13. Hi. I'm unable to change/edit the altitude of a waypoint created on ME as Initial Point. It seems to be a stored data. Useful for RNAV approaches. Any light? Thanks.
  14. Hi. I Request a new refueling feature, via F10 menu, specially concerning the precise quantity of fuel delivered. Currently we get a non stop session until the “refueling complete” message is obtained, but several amount options (2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 8,000, etc) would be nice, specially for carrier Ops. Thanks.
  15. Hi. I would like to know the block number and engine type of the DCS F-15. Might it be block 21? And engine F100-PW-100 or -220? Thanks. Antonio.
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