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  1. Here's another trackfile showing the issue - in this case, force-correlating a point on the ground (the runway numbers) is a hit even when correlating and launching from beyond maximum range, but when correlating an elevated part of a building (the radar dome of the tower at the airbase), even when doing so well within range, is a miss. It seems to me the missile is actually aiming at the ground behind the target. a10cforcecorrelate_miss5.trk
  2. Sorry, I messed up. This track should work: a10cforcecorrelate_miss.trk
  3. Only seems to happen in the A-10C and A-10C II, so i'm posting it here. See attached tracks - in the third track, the second missile does hit, so it may be related to the range at which the missile is fired.
  4. I had an issue where some unofficial mods were making me fail integrity check, but after a game restart it was fine. as for antivirus, i'll try that.
  5. Okay, increased my pagefile size to 16GB initial, 32GB max and tested it. Seems that spectating other planes still degrades performance, but not nearly as bad as before.
  6. fpsVR was showing the issue was with GPU, but i'll try. currently it's set to system managed.
  7. So basically, what happened is this: played a bit of singleplayer with my Reverb G2 - solid 50fps. hopped online (Hoggit Training server, wanted to try something in the F-16 real quick) - 30fps. sure, fine. a lot more stuff going on, makes sense that fps would be lower. Then I briefly spectated another plane (an A-10 of some sort) in F2 view, and fps dropped to 10-12. and stayed there, even when I went back into my F-16, in the menu, in a singleplayer mission... even after restarting the game. Restarting VR fixed it tho. (shut down WMR, SteamVR, and unplugged the power from the headset for a bit). Attached are my dcs.log and screenshot of my settings. The trackfile can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZYRZEFPWRKJYEepzjf2CHF97EwmccyED/view?usp=sharing dcs.log
  8. Okay so, found some strange behaviour with the SLAM. Have attached a track file showing some of them. First issue: Launching SLAMs from ~6000ft, the missiles sometimes goes into a relatively slow (~280kn), nose-high flight situation, apparently attempting to climb to the altitude at which it was launched. But apparently it doesn't have the engine power for that, and instead it slowly descends until it crashes short of the target. When launching from higher up (15000ft) with Cruise set to "LOW", the missile again attempts (and fails) to climb to launch altitude, but doesn't get quite as slow. Then, when about 17nm away from the target, it goes into a dive and arrives at 5000ft shortly after sensor turns on. Second issue: with the seeker locked onto a target vehicle through datalink, the missile won't fly straight towards the target during the terminal dive, but will go too steep first and then correct and come in nearly horizontal. Third issue: sometimes, the SLAM will circle erratically instead of flying straight towards the target. My suspicion is this happens when the target is far off the aircraft's nose (e.g. behind the aircraft). Fourth issue: sometimes, can't change SLAM sensor FOV through the datalink, but can still slew the sensor/lock on to a target. strange_SLAMs.trk
  9. Okay, so.. here's two more. I think I did everything the same way in both of these, and the mission I use for testing is the same (no preset markpoints). The first time, the missiles fired fine straight away - in the second one, they initially didn't, then I manually moved Bx9 further away from the target and then they fired. Seems to me that, when you create Bx8, sometimes Bx9 gets put in an invalid position? Regarding the self-destruct.. is it possible that Bx9 got placed really early in the flightpath, somehow? RB15 fires2.trk RB15 fires after adjustment.trk
  10. Pretty sure in that one, I didn't have pre-set waypoints. I might be wrong though. In any case, here's one where I definitely didn't have preplanned markpoints, only set Bx8 during the mission. RB15 doesnt fire3.trk
  11. Oh, my bad, I didn't know that. I'll try again.
  12. I tried that too, doesn't work consistently. Did you create all the markpoints with the radar or just Bx8?
  13. Tried it with Bx7, 8 and 9 preset from the mission editor. No joy. Track attached. RB15 doesnt fire2.trk
  14. And here's two tracks: first one, the missiles fired but self-destructed after only a few seconds. Second one, missiles completely refused to fire and I don't know why. RB15 self destruct.trk RB15 doesnt fire.trk
  15. And lastly, there seems to be cases where the RB-15 self-destructs before even reaching the descent point.
  16. I did some more experimentation and finally got them to work. The key, it seems, is to only set the Bx8 point once within firing range. However, I now have the next issue: bombs are, in all the bomb modes, dropping long of the target and I don't know why.
  17. To clarify, it works fine in quick mode (Master Mode selector in position NAV), but in "proper" mode it doesn't work - in fact I don't even get the range cue. What I did: 1.) set rough target coordinates as a waypoint 2.) turn on radar 3.) set Master Mode selector to ANF, weapons selector to ATTACK, and Targeting Mode to STD. 4.) select Bx8, and create markpoint on target position as spotted by radar. 5.) set trigger to unsafe, keep flying towards target 6.) aaaaaand nothing. no range cue/time line, even at ranges that should easily be within range (down to 20km and less). using the quick mode worked fine at this point, but with a tendency for both missiles to go at the same target. So, am I missing a step or is the RB-15 currently bugged?
  18. Right now it seems the LANTIRN pod stores ballistics data for the GBU-10, -12, -16 and -24. As such, it's impossible to use it for dropping dumb bombs, as a kind of CCRP mode. Now, I don't know if that's realistic or not, but if it isn't: could it be changed? And if not, any way to work around it?
  19. Just guessing here, but was your target marked as Hostile and did it have an engagement priority assigned to it?
  20. The lines on the TID that mark the radar scan limit cone.
  21. So, when and where can we get this?
  22. I know the feeling, it's really not nice at all. As for lighting: yes that definitely has an effect... i get much better results during the day than in the evening.
  23. Sounds like you should increase the numbers on the filtering. I had the same problem in the beginning, but got them fixed but really cranking the EWMA settings way up. Yes, that makes it somewhat slow to react, but at least I don't get dizzy anymore.
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