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  1. ok, for those wanting to know.. i email support @ LO:FC and was asked to reinstall the 1.12a patch even though i had already installed it. i did so; thinking that it would not work.. but to my suprise it worked!!! yea... thanks all; bloodystub
  2. sup, ok well i upgraded to an AMD X2 4200 -939 from a AMD xp3500 -939. the upgrade went fine and it plays all my other game just fine. But im having troubles with LO:FC. when trying to play - it runs thur the starforce crap... checks my cd to about only 30%. and then hangs... now on a few tries i was able to get it to read my disk fine and play but now not.... NOW I WANT TO SAY - THIS CD WORKED FINE BEFORE THE UPGRADE. as i was playing the night before. i have sent a email to lockon support and starforce but is their anything that i can do on my side???? to those of you that have the ENG_CD of FC and have a X2 cpu - how did you get around it???? thanks BloodyStub.
  3. bump to get this in the game for 1.12 please....... thanks
  4. tflash all the info i have is on my website - along with other info there too. link - http://f15.test4321.com/f-15.com/
  5. hello britgliderpilot please refer to my website that i have about this @: http://f15.test4321.com/f-15.com/ there i have complied a listing of things on the eagle that is lomac vs game for any one to see and compare. suprisingly lomac is almost right on in most case. lots of intresting things to read and see. go there. later bloodystub
  6. ok you say it missiles, ecm and radar.. for missiles - well this is a whole different matter and another topic as this is a hot debate on these forms as lockon simulates these thur observations - not perfect - but hey this is a $50 sim not a goverment billion $ sim back by the people who build the missile for that matter. from what i can tell the IR, SAR and AAR missiles are fine for the most part for a $50 game !!!! but tweaks can always be made. ecm - in this game is not really how ecm works.. as again its simulated.. that the ecm that we have now.. it basical force an engament down to less then 20nm if that and then WVR fight. this is NOT how ECM works from what i have read on these forms.. the ECM we have now is dumbed down for the game. radar - well if you looked at those documents i link to .. it gives WHAT THE HUD looks like when you select that mode. and for that matter ALL AMERICAN jets radar looks and works in a simialar - notice simialar fashion. dumb it down for the game... there is more then enought info in that document to simulate the electrical - fuel - engines - avaionics - huds - symbols... what more do you need.. that will not be dumded down for the game in the long run. ECCM will never happen in this game and this is also what that tac manaul would have. this is not need..... with the info in that document you could sim those jets in FS2004 or Falcon 4 or other sims very real like - with out that info.... cause once that classified info gets in there.. this game will not be on the market as it would jepordize the national security of that nations airforce and be off the shelfs in no time. late bloodystub
  7. well i was playing with lockon and high g turns and i think i might have had my speed to high... i was going off of best conner speed... which in the sim is about 400knots indicated. also going off of video that i have seen and hud tapes that are on patricks. so i lowered this to about 350knots and if i watched my joystick i did not over g **alot** but still once or twice.. alt high or low did not seam to matter - so im gonna play with my joystick setup sensetivy in the options and see what i can find out. moving the stick in the real plan requires alot of force.. sometimes up to 10+lbs of force (this came from a website - www.f-15sim.com) so my joystick which is simulating this might be doing it too fast. so time to play with it. i know its kinda trivial but hey .... more real - at least for me. late bloodystub
  8. yes that makes 2 of us... whats in a tactical manual that is not included here on what screens is where and what it look like. tactical manaul will probly have com codes and other radar technolgy that will never be released soon.. so whats missing... ?? all ED said was we dont have any info on that plane - well here it is... 50+% of it... so guess logicaly - make it up.. im sure there is non-classified things that people can see in pictures and blend what has been done on other jets. movies might come in handy.. you have no idea how much documentries like the one i have mentioned a few times here called "american fighter pilots" no classified stuff but you can guess and fill in the holes with what we know and what has been done in other sims. janes f-18 for example... the movie "behind enemy line" when they are starting up the jet at the start of the movie.. there is footage of the huds/ MFDs in operation there.. HUD tapes from various website like patricks - there is lots of FA-18 footage there.. with hud tapes and laser weapons and things.. and also draw a base line comparision to Falcon 4 not much could have changed. long winded i know but the info is there.. and you just have to put 2+2 together... figure it out... no one is going to give that info away.. tactical manuals are classified for good reasons from what i can gather on the net. ED did fine with the f-15 for the most part with-out that info... late bloodystub
  9. thanks ThirdELTPoznan this is what i had figured all along... now ED can you put this in the 1.12 patch... simple visual change and the 2 setting could be: (key wise) much like the flaps that have 2 settings. half extended - shift + B fully extended - "B" late bloodystub
  10. title says it all... found these while on Patricks avaiation website. you said for along time that you dont have the information - well now you do.. its all in these manuals.. now can we get more aircraft sometime? flight manuals of the F-14 and F-18 these cover - avaonics, hud symblos, flight performance and lots more. link - http://www.patricksaviation.com/files.php?action=browse&page=1&perpage=10&sortby=id&order=desc go and get em. oh and im looking for a F-15C flight manual myself - pm me the info if you got it.. something that has what the above does. radar modes - flight charatics - the works. late bloodystub.
  11. No, Kula66 that is refering to the flaps on the wings - what im refering to is the AIR-BRAKE - the big flat brake that pops up on the f-15c when you press "B". it has 2 settings - FULL and half way... - see "american fighter pilots" disc1 episode 2/3. its ment as a way to slow the aircraft down slowly. thanks for the reply though. late bloodystub
  12. well sort of... example - lock a target is SST or in TWS as it happens in both modes then fire a aim120 or aim7 within kill range.. try it on the quick mission for the f-15.... see if you have a timer... sometimes i dont. and it happens not every missile shot but on some. it may take a few shot at drones but mine does not show. almost like that part of the hud tape is missing from the visual display. i dont have any modes to the game, and is a clean install of 1.1 FC then patch direct to 1.11 late bloodystub
  13. ok.. on the F-15 the air brake goes in 2 differnt positions - "Full brake" and what looks to be a "20-25 degree angle or half brake option". is it possable that this could be changed in the up coming patch (1.12)as it would be a visual cosmedic change to the airframe, unless that would require a major rework of the flight model physic - which is good for me too... AFM FTW :) ..... late bloodystub.
  14. thanks ShadowXP this kinda clears it up for me.. that seams to make sence... but at the same time i think the 15 in lomac needs it G calculation made better because if you barely make a 45 degree turn with 50% and no aam's then i hit 7+g's easy... maybe it calculates it too fast. again perameters that i was doing is as follows: FL150 (15,000 feet) turning on a 90 degree vertical to left or right and doing a 180 @ 400 knots (which is around best conner speed in the eagle) - this being a break turn. oh and on that video "american fighter pilots" it is disc1 eps 2 and the start of ep3 that gets in to this for those that have it and would like to see it again. now in that documentry they where doing these moves @ FL240 and above would this make any differnece at all.. hight alt?
  15. correct Maximus_G - the f-15 like the f-16 can pull a 9g turn for a quick 180 degree turn. as in case in point at the airshow this is a famous move that the 15 does every where. the point is at best conner speed in lomac if i pull more then 7g's i get the over g warning and its not real. this vaule should be at least 9+. for GGTharos the 15 can do this turn and it is practised by many american pilots for fighter training. take the documentry "american fighter pilots" disk1 eps3 - (believe is 1:3 might be 2:3 as this is when they are doing the BFM phase of the training. ) giggy does a 180 turn @ 9gs and the IP in the back tells him some pointers about it. also fighter pilots have to pull 9g's in the centruifuge for what 20 secs or something... to pass its bye bye fighter pilot career. i cant find a website to say it exactly, but from the sites that i can find and see its all most alway 9+ labled in the specs section. but the point is it can and does do it all the time and lomac cant - simply a program change - overg = 9.X+ @ best conner speed. not 7 as is currently in lock on. late
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