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  1. Silicone oil ~10ml. I bought almost 100ml, because I didn't know how much they would take.
  2. Hey hegykc, I received my order, thank you! Do you have any idea what silicone oil I should use for the brake dampers?
  3. I think I have the same problem. Very noticeable over the cities. The roofs and balconies of the building drive me crazy. The only solution for me is to set the MSAA to x4, but there is currently an error with the MSAA settings. The settings take effect only after restarting the game.
  4. Wait another 2-3 months to see what Intel has to offer. I doubt you will feel any difference if you upgrade to 5600X or 9900K.
  5. Unfortunately, currently there is a problem with VSync settings in VR and in 2D. See the related thread in VR issues section.
  6. Read the threads in: Input and Output -> Virtual Reality (especially Bignewy's Reverb G2 settings for high frame rate). and Input and Output -> Virtual Reality -> VR Issues Check if you have a problem with vsync (like me).
  7. I can confirm the vsync problem. Even when vsync in DCS is set to off and in Nvidia control panel is forced off, FPS are still limited to 62-63 (2D, lowest settings). When vsync is forced to fast (from the control panel), FPS are 150 constantly. The difference in VR is also huge.
  8. Thank you! Looks like my 1080ti is still good on the new 5900X with Odyssey@1.5.
  9. The improvement in the older ones (like Sandy Bridge) is even bigger. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=260180
  10. I've been living with this for years. The only solution for me is to disable all game controllers from Device Manager. With or without GeForce Experience makes no difference.
  11. An old and annoying bug! I need to disable my Game Controllers from Device Manager to put my monitor to sleep. With or without GeForce Experience it doesn't matter. I can fix it temporarily with "powercfg -restoredefaultschemes", but after flying in DCS it returns.
  12. It's loud, because your card is getting very hot. Replace the thermal paste and run the benchmark with the case open before deciding to replace the cooler.
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