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  1. Yeah I voted for as complete a product as possible so I can wait a little longer. :dreaming:
  2. I don't think that's *quite* what he said there :icon_evil -Scotsman....lol.
  3. Wow very cool...I must have that. I've been mulling over MS2004 for a while. Thanks for the link! :icon_supe
  4. Hey Tundra, no man my PS is down by the floor on a power strip and as I said, the heat from the screen is negligible at best.....zero issues with heat for me.
  5. My LCD is cool to the touch so personally, I'm not concerned. However, if my monitor was emitting that much heat I think I'd find a different perch for my IR camera lens.
  6. Ah sorry then...ya man that is a wierd problem. I think I'd try a different graphics driver the video card. Anyway, I hope you get it resolved.
  7. Ivan I had the same issue 'till I realized I had to hit the F12 key once I was *in game*. Put your head fairly close to the monitor once the game has started and then hit F12...then pull back to your normal position and voila! :icon_jook Dunno if this is your issue but I thought I'd throw it out there.
  8. My understanding of "vector expansion" is the additional ability to zoom in and out. In that regard, it works fine in 1.11.
  9. Yes but how would he simulate a goose? Now working as an ER doctor, I doubt he'd be interested....oh crap I think Tundra's rubbing off on me. :icon_weed
  10. Yes, very good..............I think. :icon_lol:
  11. Hahahaaaaa...that was freakin genious! :icon_supe Tundra, your posts remind me of a guitarist named "Buckethead"...I wonder if you've heard of him. :)
  12. Hehe no I'm not mad or anything it just hit me as being....wrong. I just think the polls should stay anonymous. :)
  13. LOL, Tundra can be a bit of an enigma at times. :icon_pai:
  14. It depends on what's in 1.2....If it's going to be basically just the KA-50 then prolly not but if it comes with a shiny new model of the Sue or the Mirage F1 then that's another story. :icon_supe
  15. Hehehe great Kon! The wife knows I want a set of CH pedals for my birthday. Between those, my track IR and hotas I should be fairly immersed. :icon_supe
  16. They've linked to this site..... http://www.cgtalk.ru/exc.php?id=sds
  17. Yeah I have that running. I think my next step is to try a DVI cable.
  18. Scots, I don't really have a problem with the actual color, it's just that the AA isn't as sharp on black as it is everywhere else. Cali, it's in my sig. It's an 8ms Samsung 940B (19")...not sure what else to tell ya. :) It's not a biggie, I love the monitor and I could never go back to looking at a bubble. ;)
  19. Hi Cali yeah man the difference performance-wise is night and day. I also like that digital vibrance control, used in moderation it brings in a really rich color palette to Lomac imho. The only thing is that my AA isn't so hot (even at 8XAA/1280X1024) anytime I see the color black...like on an aircraft when the sun is on the opposite side...or on an aircraft's anti-glare panel. To be fair though, I think it's my new LCD monitor. I'm gonna test it with an older CRT I have lying around here in my computer room to check the differences.
  20. Non-full screen mode is turning off V-Sync even when it's still enabled in the driver....wierd. :confused:
  21. Windsocks are cool.....I remember them in Eurofighter.
  22. I had a nightmare about Intel's once....oh no wait, that was real. :eek:
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