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  1. Glad you enjoyed it! As for the Hind, in the last DCS update you must select on the hind radio Intercom in order to talk to the ground crew. So not a Grayflag issue. Have fun!
  2. =Death From Above= GrayFlag Syria By Graywo1f and Grimes Welcome to Grayflag Syria, brought to you from the minds of Graywo1f (voice of JesterAI) and Grimes (core-engine-development-via-DCS-Scripting, god and curator of SLmod and MIST). Grayflag Syria is a hardcore persistent multiplayer Coop campaign set in 2005. Team up with other BLUEFOR players to liberate Lebanon from Militant and Syrian Army Occupation and conduct various airstrikes inside Syrian territory against strategic targets and a fully realistic SAM network with enemy CAP, sometimes player controlled. Experience a moving front line as BLUEFOR will have a total of 51 objectives to capture inside Lebanon. The enemy forces will attempt to resupply and reinforce their positions and even launch counter offensives, as players attempt to push the front line farther North from the coast to the Bekaa valley. As you and your teammates set up BLUEFOR ground units to invade/capture objectives or defend with CTLD troops/vehicles, you won't have to worry about them disappearing after a server restart or crash! Their position will be saved when the server restarts and you log back into this persistent battlefield. Grayflag is a player driven campaign in an open ended sandbox. You and your friends will fight how you want to fight to complete the objectives while utilizing your own tactics and mission planning to strike targets across the entire map. The enemy will do its best to react to the changing battlefield as you and your friends complete taskings/objectives. This mission features the Combined Arms module by allowing the player to bring whatever they want to the fight. Have a few player helicopters bring you a mortar squad next to an objective? Want a friendly SAM network set up to cover an area? Go for it, and it will all save in the mission state. For more info on how to play and DCS Server info Discord - discord.gg/deathfromabove How to play google doc - https://docs.google.com/document/d/14jNUFLPIWb41ctWJa_SiH6-FkWhgwuCBTrTVTlN_Xpo/edit?usp=sharing Grayflag is currently in Open Beta! Current features: Fully Persistent units that save - Moving front line - 51 Objectives with 2 to 6 capture points, CTLD - Forward FARP's/Bases that unlock as you progress - Realistic Syrian SAM network - Syrian CAP - Limited player REDFOR slots that are slot blocked for vetted roleplayers - Fully interactive F10 map showing the battle/status - Full CTLD integration - UH60L Blackhawk Mod - Dynamic 'Bubble' Spawning - SRS and More! WIP features include: More F10 map info on targets - Audio clips for events - Enemy strategic SAM repair - CSAR - More dev info on discord!
  3. Cool series! Keep it up! Some incredible squadrons out there, many with a LONG history :D
  4. OH LAAAAAAAAAAWD! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbup:
  5. Viper39! This tool is continuing to impress me more and more every time I use it! Truly amazing! I have a feature request! I would really like the ability to do more than one LOS Calculation at a time pretty please! This is important for when trying to brief a SAM Network Coverage pattern across a much greater distance with multiple radars. For example, with my work IRL we created a coverage map for our wireless internet http://conpoint.com/maps/ . as you can see, multiple points with a radius of 7 miles are calculated. Extrapolating this to a EW/SAM radar network for a mission would be greatly appealing :D
  6. Rest in peace Igor. Thank you for decades of fun and the incredible foundation you helped create.
  7. So sad :( Witnessed his helpfulness and joy for the sim on quite a few occasions. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.
  8. If you select CAS as the role, and the Tu-22 is in the list of aircraft, then yes! :)
  9. Great stuff! I sense more Viggen time in my logbook :P
  10. Thank you so much Cobra and Heatblur! Its been an incredible journey so far! Truly an honor to be able to lend my voice to one of my favorite aircraft! Now back to more recording :P
  11. absolutely! Its more meant to just let run on a dedicated server. As long as the 2 to 4 A10's help take care of covering the friendly forces along the front at the start of the mission, the server can run for quite a while and you can just keep requesting side missions.
  12. Turn the radar on! then do 666 lol you'll see Hal9000 then :P
  13. They're pretty much the same, I think some WP errors in the briefing images were fixed IIRC
  14. There was a slight mixup with versioning during the release, but will be included in a later patch with the sim. But I figured we should release them on the forums here so that everyone can enjoy them in the mean time if ya'll are needing some missions to fly! Grimes and myself made these missions for the release, so here they are! Enjoy!!! They are zipped up, so you will need to unzip them. Grays Missions Updated.rar Grimes Missions.rar
  15. how on earth do I embed the video to the first post of the youtube replay lol, just doing the youtube brackets around the link doesnt work?
  16. Jesus LOL!!!! no pilots, the possible special guest is undoubtedly a person. :)
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