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  1. I am sure it worked at some point, see the screenshot in this post: null
  2. Any confirmation on this? Am I one of the few with this issue or is it just a bug?
  3. So you mean it must be in between the center mark and the outer left or right mark? In that case I stand corrected, 'cause I was puttign it ON the left / right mark. Thanks
  4. Accordign to the manual, the turn indicator (needle above the ball) should indicate a 360 degree turn in 4 minutes, but instead it leads to roughly a 1 minute turn. Makes it a guess to do procedure turns in the marshal stack
  5. I think you have all the documentation and FLCS diagrams on how it should behave
  6. When performing a full aileron roll, with only lateral stick input, at the end of the roll the FLCS "pulls up" automatically up to a couple of Gs to bring back the nose (it seems) to the initial attitude. E.g. if you start the roll from a 10 degree nose up attitude and during the roll the nose naturally drops, at the end the aircraft automatically pulls the nose up to 10 degrees again, without any pilot input. This is not how the FLCS works, it never commands more than 1g by itself, and a roll should be just like in the Hornet or Mirage. See video and track (P.S. ED you shoudl REALLY increse the 5mb limit!) https://wormhole.app/d1QaN#qb6vr9jR_4tfw98iz7GncA
  7. As per the title, it seems all the other lights ar eon except the yellow "meatball". Tried asking for landing clearence but nothing. Can you help me? Thanks Tarawa no meatball.trk
  8. As per the title. When the devs don't pull their wieght the community does, right? right??
  9. Does the ALT hold do anthing right now? It just works liek attitude hold, no difference..
  10. WIth the last patch I can hardly hit 9g at 450 kts sea level and clean, at 400 kts it caps at 8.5 g. Seems like something got reverted back to the old FM, can anyone confirm?
  11. @Hardcard I just checked the track, the F-15 I used was indeed without pylons, I had forgotten about it, my bad
  12. I just noticed the gun pipper being incredibly jittery during an MP dofight session. Did this bug come bug?
  13. There's no way to remove the Pylons from the F-15, is there? Anyways those tests were precisely aimed at veryifying the T/W ratio, so the climb started at very low speed to avoid havign to account for drag too much. You can read the thread, it's pretty interesting.
  14. Unrelated but have a look at the OP here Tust me, in the F-18 I beat any Viper flown by anyone online (without pulling the paddle), as a matter of fact I beat any airplane except sometimes the Jeff. Let's say that I am a very decent dogfighter but by no means the best, in all honesty probably in the top 10 pilots that you usually see on mobettameta's or just dogfight. I am sure any experienced PvP dogfighter will confirm the Hornet is above anything else and outrates anything else in game. EDIT: these stats already tell the same story https://justdogfight.com/top-planes/ Before they changed the F-14 FM, the Tomcat was the top one with unrealisitcally high turn rate at low speed (people flying it with full flaps.....). One mor thing to point out is that on such servers, the Hornet starts at 50% fuel which lasts forever, while the F-15 at 50% fuel has a much lower endurance. The F-14 and Mig-29 had such low endurance that they set the to start at full fuel, so this is obviusly a big disadvantage. The Viper starst at 50% liek the Hornet. However I refer back to my "as accurate as possible" climb test I linked above, where a nearly empty MiG-29 can't even begin to keep up with a Hornet.
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