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  1. Hi, the F2 view doesn't allow to get closer to the carrier enough to see the details of objects on the deck, or to place the camera in a way that gives a good view of an approaching harrier. There is also no F9 "LSO" view. This makes it impossible to watch your own landings with any semblance of a realistic POV.
  2. Just noticed the same. All statics were there before and caused no isssue whatsoever, so I don't see why it has to be an issue now. The SC is barebones as it is, the onyl way to add a bit of immerison is to add some static crew and objects, can't we even do that now???
  3. Thanks for clarifying, and looking fwd to the full implementation! It's shaping up nicely so far
  4. The new FBW in the updated M2000 exhibits a strange behavior in loaded or high alpha rolls. In all aircraft I knwo of (both FBW and non FBW), th ehigher the AoA, the more rudder need to be used to roll. This is the case for the F-16, F-18, Su,27, F-15 etc, also in-game. Try to move the stick left or right at slow speed, and you'll see a big rudder deflection in the direction of the stick. It used to be the same for the M2000 too, but since the last update, it looks like the rudder barely moves in all flight conditions. The FM also exhibits a very slow roll response at high AoA compared to before. For reference, have a look at this video, where you can clearly see the big rudder deflection to initate the roll (2:04):
  5. This is still a bug in the latest update from today.
  6. Same problem here, F-14 and supercarrier. Very annoying!
  7. And this is "acceptable" only because people keep buying these EA modules. The MiG-21 never left beta and is not complete, period. We paid for something that was never delivered in full and I can't think of any other situation where this would be acceptable (pay for 3 balls of icecream and get 2). But as you said, this is the business model that ED has established for themselves and others. I am curious to see what happens when (soon) there will be such an over-saturation of modules that people will stop buying. Almost all very famous aircraft are there, all of them bugged and unfinished, what else are they gonna come up with?
  8. Hello, now the hover stop is at 85 degrees.
  9. Thanks, glad to know you are aware and there's a plan for it!
  10. I have to bring this up again. With the latest udate from today, the relaxed-stability seems gone. The elevons are in the up position for as logn as you pull the stick. Sorry to see this bug come bug after so long. Please fix it again
  11. Except it does not slew at a different rate with the TDC depressed....
  12. Have been complaining abou this for many years now. My outtake is M3 is just unable to properly tune the FM, so they added a "digital spike" stall that is scripted. Not holding my breath to see it changed...
  13. Yes, correct, and that's how it should be in all situations a sfar as I understand. My point form the preious post still stands though.
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