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  1. looks very nice, i'm working on more airbase buildings, also Main Gates and all that since they're missing, also looking at Airbases like Andersen, a lot is missing or totally wrong buildings. Question: Do you exported those models from google maps and did some fine tunning? Would safe alot of time... probably, of course close up is a bit of a different story
  2. Thanks, my reply comes a bit late but i figured it out. I had to unwrap the "baked" AO map again after importing it, simply unwrap UVW and "flatten" and voila, the texture covers the object perfectly. Now it's a bit about finding out if textures should be 8bit, 24bit.. and how to render them, my normal maps still getting those ugly pixels. Anyway I should figure that out sooner or later, seems like DXTbmp and "extended Bitmap" is doing a good job here. One
  3. Thanks alot @SVKSniper, this helped and explained alot... I still have a lot of trouble with the Ambient Occlusion (AO) map, texture whatever you wanne call it. I've done everything according to this video but still, the mapping is wrong, no matter what i do, the mapping is not correct after reimporting the bmp AO texture into 3DS Max 2020 also the mapping on the faces is changing when i switch between High Quality and Standard on top of the main editing window. Way more strange is that after a few tests and different renders with the AO map rendered and placed into layer 4 (in all available composite layers, window, wall, roof) (also all set to Map Channel 4) the AO map was not visible at all inside DCS after rendering my simple test model to edm. All textures are set to "default" (edm tools). I could see my wall textures placed to the faces that i've choosen, also my roof texture on the right faces, bit no sign of the AO texture. To figure out where the culprit is can be easy for someone with experience but to me it's difficult and i can't find it. I tryed "Reset UVW's" on the Unwrap UVW tab before entering the UV editor and baking the texture afterwards, one time i tryed it without clicking "Reset UVW's". Inside the UV Editor i go to "Mapping->flattening... then render texture (Baking). I added some screenshots of the stuff i've done. I attached Box1 to Box2 to make 1 object out of my "testobject" before i started to add textures. Otherwise without attaching, 3DS is baking 2 different AO textures, one for each object
  4. Thanks @freebirddz , that helped. but still some questions left about Composite layers. DCS don't seem to accept the "Opacity", the Bitmap is always fully visible, no matter if i change the value to 20.0 or 90.0 in 3ds MAX (Is there a different way to change the Opacity or do i need to change the Alpha channel of my "Decal" texture (Bitmap) ? which would be much much more work Am I corrent when I say that DCS only accept "Bitmaps" (3ds MAX) ? Am I corrent when I say that DCS only accept "Normal" (3ds MAX) ?, not any other value like "Darken" or something else? I keep it all as "Default" (EDM Tools), since i don't work with glass or something else, hope this is correct Thanks
  5. Hey Folks, i figured that ED is doing Building textures way way different then me so i started to think about how i can improve my texturing and came quickly to my limits. I checked how ED's textures look, and figured they are way different- They have textures that i've never seen before but I'm also not sure if i need to do it the same way. (splatmaps etc.) I know how: - Lights works (so that they illuminate too) - self illuminating textures - the correct color on my Specular maps so windows for example reflect the enviroment - how to create bump maps (normal) and i slighty understand the AO (Ambient Occlusion) textures. - Collision sheels but what i don't understant is, how can i create layer textures in 3ds, like in photoshop? Do i need mental ray? Is it even possible to create a color layer above all my textures, so bump and everything will work correctly? For example i have my maps (textures) for lets say 2 or 3 different type of walls (Diffuse, AO, normal and spec) and i want to create a dirt type layer, I'm sure it needs alpha channel since this one should not go to one face but rather cover my whole object, same goes for a color map, so i can stay with one wall texture but just need a small lets say 128 x 128 texture (map) with a color to change the whole wall into a different color without creating a whole new detailed wall texture that might have 1024 x 1024 I got a few nice materials from this page https://freepbr.com/ Is there a step by step tutorial somewhere how ED is doing textures? It also seems like that they render textures out of 3ds max, which i've never done and not understand since i can't find much about it. This in-game shot should explain it better, it's from an ED building. The light part seems to be the main texture (cement, wall..whatever) the darker spots seem to cover the whole object, not only placed on one face. This is what i try to achieve. Sorry, alot of questions but hope someone can help, or maybe someone from ed can shed some light how it's done.. most important is the layering textures All the best
  6. Hi There

    Wondering,do you know anything about the APC Airfield Equipment App from Virpil 

    If you do,could you let me know, because i need some info on App. Thank You ! 

    1. Ghostrida9


      don't know much about it but i know a bit about 3d modeling, texturing and stuff like that

    2. Jack Watts

      Jack Watts

      All right, thanks anyway.

       I'll try some else !  

  7. Hey Folks, hey ED. I checked Andersen Air force base on google maps and then inside DCS and found out that many buildings are wrong, or missing at all. I got a lot of questions on my mind since i'm getting more and more back into 3D modeling. To me, a more realistic looking "ground" and Airbases/Airports are most important, i would easily sacrifice all the flyables and stick to 2 or 3 aircrafts. Sure the biggest dream would be that ED give some people the chance to only edit the Airbases or Airports, kinda like MS2020, but i think that remains a dream since this would come with an access to the terrain editing software. Still hope that some get a chance !!!. Anyway back to topic, there's a lot but i start with the north part of the Base. Some people that got pictures or first hand expirience with Andersen Airbase are welcome. The Main weapon Bunker or Weapon assembly building is missing. Check the pictures, the size is in meters, seems to be about 130meters long and about 35meters wide. I cannot find any pictures about this building only the satellite shot from google maps, bing maps. I don't know how it looks from the side. And, are those light poles around?, I don't know if i'm on the right path here Any help is appreciated, will continue to update with more info and models. Finished the Main Gate building so far and some Light Pole models with working lights that do illuminate, and yes, as static objects.
  8. Thx, soon, working on something bigger here. But yes 3 different Light Poles are finished (orange and white lights) plus a fix for ED's High Mast light poles so every Light Pole does illluminate Aircrafts.. which is a must an. DCS need to fix more ground stuff, add new static objects (buidings) and much more.. randomly driving fuel trunks, service vehicles on Airbases/Airports.. way much important then another flyable aircraft cause we have enough allready. Another Shot
  9. uhm.. nope. Lights on Static Objects WORKS !! I've created those Light poles lately and as you can see, light is working (static object)
  10. You're the man Dolfo, that does the trick, and even much much more. The Object is now a static object and voila, the light is working too. Incredible !!!! Can't be thankfull enough. In case someone is interested, this is how my lua file looks like: mount_vfs_model_path (current_mod_path.."/Shapes/") mount_vfs_texture_path (current_mod_path.."/Textures/HendersonAirbase.zip") local function add_structure(f) if(f) then f.shape_table_data = { { file = f.ShapeName, life = f.Life, username = f.Name, desrt = f.ShapeNameDestr or "self", classname = f.classname or "lLandVehicle", positioning = f.positioning or "ONLYHEIGTH" -- {"BYNORMAL", "ONLYHEIGTH", "BY_XZ", "ADD_HEIGTH"} } } if f.ShapeNameDestr then f.shape_table_data[#f.shape_table_data + 1] = { name = f.ShapeNameDestr, file = f.ShapeNameDestr, } end f.mapclasskey = MapClassKey or "P0091000076"; f.attribute = {wsType_Static, wsType_Standing} add_surface_unit(f) GT = nil; else error("Can't add structure") end; end add_structure({ Name = "Lightpole P-lot Orange", DisplayName = _("Lightpole P-lot Orange"), ShapeName = "Lightpole_5M_orange", ShapeNameDestr = "Lightpole_5M_orange", Life = 10, Rate = 10, category = 'Fortification', SeaObject = false, isPutToWater = false, numParking = 1, })
  11. Got my hands back on 3DS thanks to a good friend so i can hopefully finish what i've once started. Figured that lights only work when you use your object as ground/fortification. What bothers me so far is that all my objects are not even with the ground when the ground is not even.. ehh.. just take a look It allready has a working collision shell Any Ideas?
  12. Hey Folks, newbie to blender here. It's been a while (at least 2 years) since i've worked with 3DS and now i've started to work with blender 2.93. So far i managed to create a cube, exported it and created a lua file so it's visible in DCS 2.7...so far so good. What i don't understand is how to create lights, for example a few spotlights for a flood light tower or a simple street lamp. I've checked some tutorials also of Grajo but i quiet don't get it. Is there a simple step by step to create a light out of a simple object. A Sphere, a cube.. Inside the edm export tool readme there's this sentence that i also don't understand "To place a light in the edm model, you have to place an empty-object and choose Light as Emptytype." How can i create an "empty-object"... Any help is appreciated, will bother you with more question if things work out.. Thx folks
  13. I hear you, maybe, just maybe some of us can get a pack together... but it's a hell of work to create those objects, and even more painfull since the models do allready exist in DCS. What i wonder about is, did you guys from ED created those objects with 3D Studio? and if yes, do you still have the 3D max files.. that would at least make it all a bit easier so not everything need to be done from scratch! Maybe it's also possible for ED to ask 3rd party developers if they can render some buildings for the ME, since the syria map also include alot of nice office and airbase buildings. Just an idea that i want to throw in the room.. All the best and thanks for every answer.. DCS is the best sim and does have the most potential to feel and look very realistic.. it can only get better and better
  14. right, for now i mostly talk about buildings, we need new buildings for the ME, offices from nevada map, shelters, Airbase housings.. small buildings, light poles and stuff. They all pretty good.. we got enough vehicles, i only talk about buildings.
  15. I hear you, but the objects are there allready.. should not be to hard to render a few as edm, somehow they must be edm allready or something similar since its all working inside DCS, i know that each terrain contains of a very big file.. "surface" file.. All we got is hope,and i think creating another aircraft from scratch is really harder to do, plus in my opinion there're way to many available aircrafts allready.. it's just to much.. and the rest get left behind..
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