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  1. At sunset. There is light but is case III
  2. put TACAN/ICLS in advanced (waypoint actions) only at the beginning (wpt 0). That's enough
  3. yes, but I have 10 positions in Radio ATC occuped by cargo-ships (or platform). CVN should be in a "next page". Unfortunately, the priority of the list is made by distance
  4. I would like to disable radio comm for units that do not needs to communicate. For example, I made a Mission full of cargo and ship tanker as reality in PG: But than, it's impossible to contact carrier because too many ATC on the radio! (each tanker as an helipad).
  5. As I remember, press AUTO button before CPL autopilot
  6. Using Ground Radar in Sea Mode to have the heading of the ship could be a possibility? No?
  7. When you use radio, F10 works? (F10 - others) try in a public tranning server. You'll find probably set "others" option
  8. Good! I don't know if there is a minimum launching speed. The Launch Acceptable Region (LAR) should vary based on speed. boh... Bye!
  9. Same problem. As released in IN RNG, the bomb fails hit the ground before the target. IN ZONE pretty accuracy but often the bomb over fly the target. (26.000 ft - 250 kts - allign 01 GOOD)
  10. Hi Guys, when I drop multy bombs like Mk-82 in CCIP mode, I noted that the impact point given by CCIP Bomb Cross, is the middle between the first and the last bomb. This happens also in auto mode. Is there the possibility to assign the CCIP Bomb Cross as first point of impact and than the others bombs will follow? Bye Emi
  11. I noticed that, putting a waypoint on the TACAN station, the descent point is different. At 9 ° on the waypoint I arrive on the ground, while from tacan, at 5000 ft (same rate).
  12. Hi, I confirm your reply. I made a mistake! Cool! Thanks!
  13. It was a coincidence, I don't remember. I'll check later and let you know.
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