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  1. Hi, thanks both. @FrostLaufeyson understood! @skywalker22 will double check that, thanks
  2. Hi - I have tried this mission five times now and the cruise missiles go AWOL ... even pulled back the start position of the Hornet to ensure the planes land and same result. Track file below: https://we.tl/t-3Oqwvwq1II Mission enclosed. Targets are at WP4. I select WP4 as Target Designate and ensure that each missile has that. Slammer on end of right wing has route going from 6 to 5 to Target. Slammer on end of left wing has route going from 2 to 3 to Target. Each set to TOO. Two slammers on the inside pylons I set to go straight to WP4 (target). Also set to TOO. All seem to head off into the distance towards Syria (where I guess they think the real action is). SLAM-ER.miz
  3. Hi All, Been trying out the slammer on the Hornet. Set up a very similar situation to the one that Matt did in his excellent video tutorial. My issue is that some of them go AWOL. It might well be me that is doing something wrong, but wanted to check. I set up four slammers and wanted to know if you designate (ie WP 4 in my case) as the TP for one weapon, is that WP automatically the TP for the others, or do you have to cycle through them and somehow manually reassign the TP to each individual weapon?
  4. Apart from flight model being a bit off (hey, not so bad), looks like the other systems are spot on!
  5. No - lights on buildings etc do not cast light / shadows on your plane etc...
  6. I thought the jet engines' sounds were amazing - were they PP?
  7. Absolutely superb work on this - it looks truly amazing. I'm now back flying the Hornet. You've pulled me from my beloved Viper!!!
  8. What's the best way to defeat the Russian carriers with harpoons? I launched four of them and all got taken out. Admittedly, they were from the same. Does setting alternative waypoints for each work?
  9. C3PO

    Recording VR

    bump for me (will need these settings later!)
  10. ...18 months after they launched, the RTX 3090 cards have plummeted in price to just 125% of original RRP https://www.scan.co.uk/shop/computer-hardware/gpu-nvidia-gaming/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3090-graphics-cards
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