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  1. Mobiflight doesn't send keypresses to the simulator, it sends commands specific to the simulator or module. It's like sending a wind shield wiper command to a bicycle. You understand flicking the stem, but the bicycle just gets a simple command and has no idea what a windshield wiper is.
  2. It's up to mobiflight developers (or contributors) to get mobiflight working with DCS if they want it. For now DCS uses a similar user made solution called DCS BIOS.
  3. Any chance you could release those modified files? I'm at the stage where I'm ready to print out the gimbal.
  4. Ah, that explains why it wasn't working just now.
  5. Dunno, the game is CPU limited. Some of you people have money burning a hole in your pockets.
  6. I don't doubt that you did, it's just that most people try to make that value back over multiple sales. EDIT: In all seriousness though, $15 is a reasonable price for the STL files, not $120.
  7. That's awesome. If it were priced a $5 I'd buy it.
  8. Official ones are unavailable on amazon where I bought mine years ago. The knockoffs might work just as well, but for the price of them, you should consider alternatives anyway (or even DIY). https://www.trackhat.org/shop-cgnn https://delanengineering.com/shop/
  9. With them previously spewing lies like a fire hose, I wouldn't readily believe everything you read coming from Ukrainian sources. More importantly, ED ISN'T a Russian company.
  10. Read through the thread. TomVR posted his github with a 3D printable version of the base.
  11. Tell us about your print settings. I just started printing all the needed parts but didn't know how strong to make it. Currently I'm using PLA+ (stiffer than PETG) with 10 perimeters, 10 top and bottom layers and 10% gyroid infill.
  12. I'll just chime in and say I have no problems bore sighting from the pilot's seat in VR, the problems occur when trying to do it from the CPG seat. I have to move my head a good 6 inches to the right of centre and turn to the left to look at the BRU to get everything to line up. When I do that, the IHADS video image is offset to the side while looking forward. It's almost like the BRU symbology isn't axially aligned with the aircraft.
  13. Is the steam VR portal starting up or the WMR one? The steam headset status window SHOULDN'T appear either.
  14. I haven't had any motion sickness in VR. occasional eye strain and vertigo, but never felt sick. For me OpenComposite has made things buttery smooth and opened up some overhead for increasing settings. Hasn't improved my frame rate, but it is now rock solid.
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