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  1. hmmm.. I tried picture and got an answer.. Whats the difference?
  2. Like a Snail i´m learning FC3 (SU-27 and MIG-29). But i got question regarding the communication: Question one: in the Radiomeny: ATC-->Nalchik-->Request Azimuth. I get the reply: Nalchik -ADF, your heading 63. That is not my heading right? it´s the ADF station close to the Airfield? When my wingman say: "Contact bearing 63 for 70" What does that mean? does it mean the contact is 063 degrees and going to 070 degrees? Regarding AWACS I have never get any reply that there are enemy in the sky from an AWACs when i´m requesting "bogey Dope" I always get "Clean". But I can see enemy on my MFD..is it not Awacs that send out the enemy position to the mfd? Whats the difference between "bogey Dope" and "picture?"
  3. Nope, I think that is for "Bitching Betty". The wingmen,ATC.. still talk Russian..
  4. I found this youtube clip, and heard that they are speaking english in su-27: Is there a way to do this in FC3? Getting a bit tired of russian..
  5. As an old HAWK 2nd LT. I can say that we were practice alot regarding SEAD threat. We usual had 5 radars. and each radar was on for 30 seconds off for 2 minutes. This makes SEAD missiles having trouble finding the target and get a good lock.
  6. But they will release new FC versions...:music_whistling:
  7. Nice to know that i´m not the only one that feel like DCS should put some energy making some noob training in a new release.. is there a FC3 keyboard layout?
  8. I also got FC3, and I was disappointed regarding the training.. Old lo res. movies not like the A-10 training.
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