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  1. Thank you so much lee1hy! I am no skinner so i didnt know it but i am satisfied how it is now. It was only a question. Thank you for your answer and the outstanding skin! S!!
  2. @lee1hy First of all, its a stunning skin, well done. Love the weathering. A question: Do you plan to add some patches for the pilot and cpg? Thanks
  3. Thank you very much! That helped me! Btw, for me it s the best module. I ve been waiting so long. I really enjoy the Apache, its a dream.
  4. Does this apply to both trim options? centered and instant?
  5. Thank you Dev, as always good job
  6. Dear Team, i have to say : THANK YOU ALL TO MADE MY DREAM COME TRUE You made an outstanding job, i´ve been waiting so long, and it s the best module for me!! Congratulations, i feel like a young kid. You all can be proud, thank you so much
  7. That makes sense for me...... if you are flying the Apache
  8. Thank s alot! That s what i was looking for!! S!
  9. Hi, what s the external piping for? Thank s in advance for any explanaiton!
  10. Yes, i have my long awaited baby, preordered.
  11. You have made a fantastic job on the Mossie! Love it, it s absolutely fantastic and outstanding
  12. BIGNEWY ED Team 28k 45 Author Posted 4 minutes ago We are planning a Friday patch this week which will include the Mosquito. Thank you for your patience
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