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  1. Ok well I did order the disc on the 20th of December. And it does say that the disc was sent. I guess i have to wait till the 10th to get this resolved.
  2. Hello, This is the first time ive ever had to use your customer support so im hoping you can solve my problem. First of all I ordered the disc version of FC2 about 17 days ago and I live in the United States , Texas to be exact. And I was wondering how long it takes to reach my area when you mail the disc? I would also like to verify that i didnt mistakingly give you a bad address to mail to ... the only problem with that is that I cant get anyone to respond. I sent a trouble ticket on the 5th of January so I assume your pretty busy. Could someone please let me know whats going on thank you.
  3. Saweet man I always like your movies and choice of music bud .... nice job as always.
  4. The download for the actual file is now working so you can download the movie itself if you liked the vimeo version. Thanx for watching Tex:thumbup:
  5. :doh: DOH!! Ahh yes thank you Rhinehornet. For anyone who might be wondering where in the world i got those magnificent outer space shots its a wonderful , free little program called orbiter. Just visit this site and download the program and the many great add ons. Space travel has never been more fun. Again thanx for the correction Rhinehornet.:D
  6. Hey frazer good to see ya in the forums thnx:D
  7. Thanx everyone for your comments .... sorry for the FPS issues. I know how to fix that it just was one of those things where I was tired of re-shooting the same scene over and over and those shots you saw were the lesser of 100 evils. So thanx for watching and Im glad I finally released that movie. I sat on it for quite some time because I wasnt sure about it being a finished product .... and I almost never like my own movies. Strange thing is that I really liked this one and so I said " oh well " and finally released it. Graywolf im glad to hear that you downloaded it again and watched .... lol. Thanx again for watching. Tex
  8. Thanx everyone for your kind words hopefully in the future Ill be able to put out more high quality filmwork for the pure entertainment of the community. One last thing feel free to use this trailer in your movies or on your websites but please dont forget to give those mod makers the credit for their hardwork ... heck I dont even mind if you forget about me because my little video would look like junk without their dedication and hard work ... so please dont forget to credit the mod makers work that I used. Tex
  9. Hey guys its your local friendly Texan releasing yet another video. I had to reach deep in the archive and knock the dust off this one. Before I go any further I must explain a few things about this movie so that we are 100% clear on who made it , and who claims it. In this movie , considering I fly with VBA, I have exclusive access to the VBA mod which was made by none other than the infamous Kato.:D But you must understand that this movie , while it features the VBA mod, is NOT .... I REPEAT ... IS NOT a VBA released movie. I just want to get that clear. This movie is a Texan Studios release and of course I have the permission of my teammates to release this movie under my own name. So the footage , and message sent by this movie is totally in fun and a bit of a different direction for this movie to be labeled a VBA release. Having said all that without further delay I present to you the movie "Solo Pilots". There are Two links provided so that if you decide you want to download the actual file be my guest. If you decide to host this movie on your site or abroad just please please please give me the credit for it ... thanx for watching. Vimeo Solo Pilots Tex
  10. This is the second trailer I have made for Lock On Flaming Cliffs. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.;) LOMAC Thanx for watching and much credit is due to the many mod makers that allowed me to make this vid. Mods used: www.lockon.ru Eagle Dynamics Mods: Loreload scenery textures mod created by: Grandsurf Crimean Airwars Mod created by: Varun 'AQUARIUS WITCHKING' Anipindi Luka 'BLACK HAWK' Fotak William 'D-SCYTHE' Ngai Rich 'IRONHAND' Sorochak Thomas 'TOMMY' D. Weiss Lou 'TROLLDUDE' Froello Mk-82 Snake Eyes mod by: Mitch Janssen VFAT 2007 mod created by: Kato Virtual Thunderbirds mod: Silent Eagle, Jarhead, Lawndart, Kato, Nflyer, Mat_Starlight, and Teka Teka. Thanx for watching Tex
  11. hey guys just wanted to say that tomcat you released was awesome and I look forward to seeing more of your work fellas keep up the hard work.:thumbup:
  12. Ok ladies and Gentlemen, Its time to make the annual VFAT movie and right now the only thing im lacking is some information from the teams that participated. I have been hunting down information for all the teams and so far I dont have website info for the following: 1. 831th GvIAP Mirgorod Aerobatics 2. Alphajet Solo Display 3. =RAF=Kondrat 4. Virtual Swifts And could Dutch Flanker Team confirm that this is your website. 5. Dutch Flanker Team : http://www.dutch-flankers.net/ The reason I say this is because I made mistakes in my credits last year and one pilot was left out of the credits. Which brings me to another good question. Could I get all the Teams to post their demo pilots in this thread that way I dont make the same mistake twice in the credits for this years movie? I really would hate to miss anyone , including the behind the scenes guys as well. The only other way I know what pilots flew is to check the lockon tracks but again last year I had to leave the Patrouille Suisse pilots names off the credits because I did not know their callsigns. So here is the info I have so far for teams that participated, and website info: VAT White Ravens http://forum.white-ravens.com/ Virtual Blues http://www.virtualblueangel.net Virtual Thunderbirds http://www.virtualthunderbirds.com Patrouille Suisse Virtuelle http://www.patrouille-suisse.net/ Virtual Red Arrows http://www.virtualredarrows.com/ Breitling Jet Team http://www.patrouille-virevolte.net/ Virtual Ukrainian Falcons http://www.ukrfalcons.com/ Dutch Flanker Display Team http://www.dutch-flankers.net/ 831th GvIAP Mirgorod Aerobatics no website Virtual Swifts no website =RAF=Kondrat no website Alphajet Solo Display no website If you dont have a website just confirm the following info that I have to be true. Also if I have missed any teams that flew and are not listed please please please let me know in this post or pm me either here or @ virtualblueangels.net . Last but not least Squadron logos and art would be greatly appreciated as I want to fully represent your team in all its colors in my movie so if you dont want me to improvise for your teams logo or artwork please send a BMP, JPG , or GIF image to jonscott_396@hotmail.com (as long as its compatible in Vegas then I can use it). If you dont have a logo or some artwork to represent you Ill do my best to make somthing for you. For now thats all thanx for the support guys and gals. Tex:D
  13. You mean other than this section of the forum being named "screenshots and Movies" section?:D
  14. Dude like it has been said already this the best movie i have seen a quite some time. I dont count GA movies because he obviously puts out movies that we expect to be good. So with that said this is good work ... I will definitely keep this one man. I have no critiques for this reason and this reason alone. I have done a few movies and realize that the most important thing you can tell a movie maker is what he needs to be better. I honestly dont think that any of the mistakes I saw (i.e. no missles on the a/c on taxi ) were things that you didnt know about. Otherwise I would say something. But I can tell you know what your doing this is an excellent film and I look forward to more movies from you. keep up the great work Tex
  15. sorry for not being able to fly RedFor my modem died on me while in the process of trying to sort out TS problems we had before mission start. I really wanted to fly but as my luck would have it I couldnt. Again sorry ... and Fudd I just wanted you to know that I was there to fly like I said I would its just that my modem died .... sorry.
  16. yea i was aiming for a promotional trailer for the game is all. Not sure what i would have to do to get that point across ... lol. any suggestions ??
  17. Youtube version HD Version enjoy, Tex :D
  18. :thumbup: I liked the film and I liked music too .... but I will spare you another post on how the two fit together I think we have beat that horse long enough. That is great work for your first movie . I , by no means, consider myself to be a pro at the movie making biz but it sure is fun to make them. And Id imagine you and your wife had fun making this movie. Furthermore its great to hear that others share the enthusiasm and I KNOW thats why you made this film ... I just want you to know that I really enjoyed your film. Thumbs up. Tex
  19. continued ...... -------------------------------------------------------------------- Fleur de Lis Fortus Section High Alpha Fat Albert Jato Assisted Take Off Opposing Pitch up Line Abreast Loop Loop Break Cross Loop Break Cross Left Echelon Roll Low Break Cross Min Radius Turn Opposing Min Radius Turn Vertical Break #6 Solo Low Transition Sneak Pass Trail to Vertical Break Ripple Roll ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanx for watching I hope you enjoyed these as much as the team enjoyed bringing them to you. All of your comments and encouragement are greatly appreciated and we hope to see you soon in VFAT 2007. Tex VBA #6 opposing solo
  20. continued ..... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Diamond Double Farvel Diamond Dirty Loop Diamond Roll Diamond Take Off Double Tuckover Roll Fat Albert Flat Pass Fat Albert Short Field Landing Fan Break Fleur De Lis
  21. To all of you who have been following our progress in our forum this is an old thread but to those who may not follow us in our forum I just thought you might like these screenshots of our 2007 team. Enjoy , Tex ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Delta Roll #5 Dirty Roll on Take Off Diamond Aileron Roll Break For Landing Barrel Roll Break Diamond 360 Diamond Burner Loop Your 2007 Virtual Blue Angels!!! Delta Roll Knife Edge Pass
  22. Nice guys im very impressed ... hope to see ya in VFAT. :thumbup:
  23. Yea , basically thats what happens Ven. When someone fires a HOJ shot at you if you were to turn your jammer off this should in theory break his lock.(i say theory because Ive never tested this) On the other hand if you blink your jammer on and off frequently this will most assuredly break his lock thus , in the case of a SARH missle, rendering the missle blind. If the missle does not receive info from its originating aircraft it will self detonate on its own. Not sure how long until this happens ... so essentially if you manage to reacquire a lock within a short amount of time you could , in theory, save yourself from wasting a missle. Hope that helps bud.:thumbup: Tex
  24. Two basic ways to use your jammer in this game as it is not very sophisticated at all. 1) Turn it on and leave it on. If your enemy gets burn through the last thing you want to worry about is turning your jammer off. Once you are RTB'ing turn it off so that your allies can see you and sort you out of the Furball. 2.) Turn it on and off periodically or rapidly to ensure that noone will lock you if you can. Many people dont like this method but life isnt fair is it. The second method may get you tossed out of a few servers so read the brief before you do it. Also the second method will not ensure that you will not get shot down or locked it just makes it harder in my oppinion , which is the whole point. Bottom line its totally up to you , whatever works for you out there. I personally use the first method because I dont have time to press the ECM button 12 gazillion times.:D HOJ:For SARH missles Homing on Jammer mode is one of my weaker subjects of BVR and aerial engagements but Ill give it a go. Once you turn your jammer on your enemy can see your jamming strobe and he has the option to lock your jamming strobe. If he does you will not know it until burn through (like i said this is a weak subject for me so I could be wrong). Once this happens many of your opponents are smart enough to fire their missles while locked in HOJ mode well before burn through. What this does is it allows the missle to travel to your general area and once burn through is accomplished his missle will have your location and correct accordingly giving you a minimal amount of time to react if the shot is timed well and you arent in a defensive posture to anticipate your opponents shot. At this time you will hear many audible warnings : 1) a lock tone 2) missle inbound tone 3) your aircraft exploding if you mess up From this point jammers dont matter any more so your back to basic Air to Air. Ill post more on this subject later Im at work and need to get busy. Im sure someone will post more on this if they havent already and correct my mistakes as well. happy hunting, TEX
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