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  1. Since LOFC 1.1 to now i just know that Su-25A/T engine can stop while flying upside down and it has been concerned in the flight manual. But, last night i flew both Su-25A/ and T upside down about 2-3 minutes and saw nothing happened, those planes engine didn't stop ??? But the Su-27 engine will stop after few seconds flying upside-down at any airspeed or its engine could stop about 2 seconds while getting altitude. Is a bug or Su-27 flight model has changed ?
  2. I think what i described above as same as TGP hand-off procedure, maybe manually handoff. Boresight Mav WPN first to make the seeker stability at any point in close range, then I use TPG camera for searching and lock on any target i want because TGP has much better zoom in scale TMS Down is only to make Mav seeker automatically move back to what the TGP having lock on, next step is BSGT Mav second time to release weapon
  3. Do not need to do hand-off, follow my way to make it easier for some kind of Maverick missile, i did it with D, H and K versions: - Turn on left/ right pylon, enable A-G mode, power on all kind of Maverick on SMS inventory page 1. On WPN page of Maverick, make it SOI, change to VIS mode 2. Move Mav seeker crosshair to the range under 8 mi, TMS Fwd to boresight (BSGT) first to lock at any point on the ground under 8 mi from your plane. 3. On TGP page, make it SOI, set MAN mode, close zoom in target you need under 8 mi and press TMS Fwd to point track on target. 4. Back to WPN screen, TMS Down ( only 1 time, avoid double press) to unlock/ un-boresight previous point locked and automatically moving Mav seeker to the point that TGP tracking. 5. TMS Up to boresight (BGST) target then release Maverick. Before this step, you can change BW/WB image on WPN page to AREA mode to avoid Maverick lock auto jump on another target. You do not need to handoff but you can easily to shoot down target you want, same as Pre/auto handoff procedure
  4. I sometimes fly the Hornet with wings folded + weapons under pylons and doing maneuver, that's great Take-off without catapult is possible with F-14 + 2 fuel tanks & missile, need to start running from bottom of the carrier ( and avoid to collide other parking planes) . I always do that on John C Stennis with some static aircrafts on the deck for fun, deck crew also won't work in that case.
  5. That's the Chinese industrial touch/ non-touch monitor from Shenzen Zhixianda Technology You can easily find them on Aliexpress Shopping Center, i've got 2 non-touch screens with the cost of $60 per each. https://m.vi.aliexpress.com/wholesale/Zhixianda+8+inch+4:3.html?osf=direct
  6. @Foka: yes, of coure i set screens size in horizontal and vertical correctly, picture displayed at the center and from bottom of the screens. Now i add more code for exporting 4 of 5 F-14 displays to my 2 screens, first is the pilot VDI and the second includes 3 others: RIO DDD, ECMD and RIO TID display. Those work well
  7. Thank you Hobel, i delete all the last line "GU_Mainview=Viewport.center" Set resolution = 4608x1440, ratio: 1.7777777778, that works great, main screen return to normal
  8. Hi all Yesterday night, i tried to export 2 F-18 MFDs to other 2 small monitors with 4:3 ratio My main screen resolution is 2560x1440 and other 2 small monitors res all are 8 inch/4:3/1024x768. I've exported MFD at center and set them from the bottom of the display. All were exported exactly as i wish. But the main screen ratio was wrong, picture shrinked in horizontal so i need some help. Monitors in order: Main screen + Left MFCD on the right + Right MFCD on the right of the left MCD My configuration . lua file: re-edit LMFCD+Camera+RMFCD Left MFCD/ RMFCD: width/ height: 686/ 686 (display area) Main screen: X = 0 Y= 1440 (start export to monitors from the bottom of the main screen) Width/ height: 2560/ 1440 Aspect ratio: 1.777777778 (2560/ 1440) or 3/2 ( 4608/ 1440) Total res in horizontal: 2560+1024+1024 = 4608/ height: 1440 Where am i wrong and which ratio value need to be corrected ? Thanks Not good at English too!
  9. May i get one v3 throttle like above ? I don't like the current v4 throttle
  10. Just need a genuine clean "WorldGeneral.dll" file release by Eagle Dynamic instead of reinstalling all the big game
  11. Same here,after updated to 2.5.6 Beta, the Kaspersky AV show message quarantined the WorldGeneral.dll so DCS.exe cannot run due to WorldGeneral.dll was not found
  12. Hi Beasty, my old HD7970 has gone 1 week ago, so i've just got "a dinosaur" - Gigabyte AORUS GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition 11GB, best of the best VGA for gaming today :smartass: I've refly the above Su-25 mission and...wow, average fps run around 93-115fps, really nice !! :pilotfly:
  13. I don't think AMD Ryzen make DCS much better than Intel Ryzen 1700X/ 1800X has more physical cores than Intel Kabylake but DCS World eats only 2 cores The game gains performance if you have CPU overclocked, higher clock frequency per core higher fps
  14. I' waiting for upcoming RX 580 or AMD Vega in few months later, should be a mass upgrade from HD 7970 :megalol:
  15. I think i should wait for few months for AMD Vega 11 release if AMD re-confirmation is true, we'll have AMD Vega 11 replaced RX 480 at mainstream platform so the RX 480 - king of Polaris 10 - is out of date :D
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