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  1. No its not...i have never done it but need to figure out how.... So far i only do the 3d design... i've gotten nowhere near the texturing part with all my models... I can upload the model somewhere though...
  2. Since we have the NTTR is allways thought something was missing in the training environment, the GTR-18. The GTR-18, also known as the smokey sam. It is used to simulate sam (manpad) launches. It is either single unit or quad and can even be mounted on vehicles. The current version i created is the single rocket pad. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GTR-18_Smokey_Sam Since i cannot texture or animate i will post the renders here and see if somebody can pick it up :)
  3. Looking really good! One little thing....scarves need to be removed before flight...kinda one of the first things are are taught during flight school :)
  4. It has to do with the speed of the target and the relative altitude towards the radar. The radar is designed to look forward, up and a bit down. It has nothing to do with your altitude bit with the radar search angle. Oh yeah...you also spot some ground clutter with the radar :)
  5. GCI...an intercept officer guides you towards the target. The 21 we got does not have the Lazur datalink so you are dependant on the radio menu to find a target.
  6. According to the real mig21bis flight manual the range gates are in a fixed position. The rotator drum is then used to control the interferance setting. Thats the real world usage. The range gates are fixed at 18 km (upper) and 12 km (lower)
  7. Full black sea region. Including what we allready got, romania, bulgaria, moldova, northern turkey and ofcourse...the crimean peninsula
  8. I allways thought it had to do with engine tuning. When the engines are tuned for peace operations they are more smokey then they are tuned for war operations. It also had to due with higher maintenance when tuned for war.
  9. As far as i know those are the only under wing pods. They are not for AA but A2G. Yes, those older ones were put under the fuselage cause they had no internal gun what the BIS has. I'd rather have a garmin GPS....
  10. thesystem

    GBU12 + JTAC

    Chucks guide goes in dept regarding this subject. Just type it in on google (chuck mirage 2000).
  11. I will start tonight on modelling the launcher. I cant texture so somebody else will need to do that. Ill start a separate thread regarding it :)
  12. Wow! That is looking good! As soon as i am back at work ill make some photos from other support equipment and start to model it. First on the list is the generic fire extinguisher (big yellow one) and a us style tow bar.
  13. If you give me some time i can measure it from the real one but that will take some time due to leave. I think...its kinda like 2 meters something long (the cart, excluding the towbar) but thats just and estimated guess
  14. Wow, that epu is allready looking good!!! What do you think? Add the power cord (higher poly count) or leave it?
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