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  1. Bumping this topic. I have the same problem, and since I basically moved to ground hugging it's becoming slightly annoying. I can't for the life of me figure out which setting is causing this low LOD, even when cranking up all settings to high and having almost a slideshow, the low LOD persists. Mods make no difference, Nvidia settings make no difference. Anyone already figured out how to solve this? System in signature.
  2. Do you have an specific map or mission where you have the performance issues? The Hind indeed is performance heavy compared to other aircraft, but still for me it runs flawlessly and I don't encounter stutters even in multiplayer (max settings on 1920x1080) However, what I did notice is some quick start missions have significant stuttering in them, especially the Persian Gulf Disaster Relief Defense mission. I was using it for benchmarking before, but I thought I went crazy. Although I had 70+ FPS in that mission, there was (and still is) a lot of stuttering, especially when a trigger went off. Even with lowest graphical settings it persisted. So make sure the problem is not with the mission you're playing.
  3. Haha yeah Tunguska is on a whole different level indeed. But regarding Gepards, do you do that with a human gunner or Petrovich? I found I can get a >90% hit rate with Petrovich, as long as you shoot within range and keep the helo insanely stable. Going into a sideway movement, even the slightest, to avoid the Gepard's rounds almost always makes Petro miss the target. At least that's my experience with it so far.
  4. I'm hoping for the one with the most (usable) range so I can perhaps stand a chance against those pesky Gepard SPAAG's. Shturm just hasn't enough range to stay outside of the Gepard's killzone, and coming in low and fast with a rocket run mostly equals both a dead Gepard and dead Koekemoeroetoe...
  5. Yes I did try it, but I didn't like the feel of it because you lose the feel of in which position your pedals are (physical pedals and in-game pedals get desynced obviously). But I'm starting to think if I shouldn't just try to get used to it. I really would like to have a separate "reset rudder trim" command then though...
  6. Thanks for the reactions all. Nice to see everybody has some suggestions for equipment and also most end up using a motorcycle steering damper and remoing a center detent/spring. Different ideas, all leading to a similar solution. Although I agree nothing beats just buying the right equipment for the job is the best solution, sometimes that is just no option due to the (rather high) cost of said equipment. For me right now that's the case, and while I do have the luxury position that I'm actually able to save up money to eventually buy pro equipment, right now I just can't afford it. And keep in mind a lot of people out there won't even be able to save up enough money for luxury goods like this in their entirly life. That's why my initial question basically was, how to "make do" with what I've got right here, right now and make use of the maximum potential of the flight gear (and not discussing that this potential is, of course, way less than the pro-grade equipment). For now I see several "options": - Don't do anything with my pedals, just live with it. If needed learn to use rudder trim. - Void warranty and at least remove center detent and spring. Maybe add steering damper. - Buy pro equipment (not viable for me right now, need to save up money). I don't find your reaction snobbish, actually I share your vision regarding how quality time is premium and may cost premium money. Take for examply my pc, I upgraded it a few months ago after die-hard saving money for more than a 1,5 years and had to postpone the purchase several times due to circumstances. But it was worth every penny, because I get so much joy out of it and finally I can play DCS and other games without having constant crashes, having to fiddle around in settings to even get it running properly etc. while on average only having about 4-5 hours per week of time to game. With my old PC, eventually I ended up 1-1,5 hours per week of just tweaking to keep things running, but I just had to make do because I couldn't upgrade earlier. But that doesn't take away the fact that sometimes the money just isn't there. And actually, I'm already really privileged that I actually already could purchase the Logitech pedals, the PC upgrade and all other stuff I do own. I know people who can't even just buy food...
  7. I still have the need to keep the pedals deflected in many flight regimes though, despite having yaw AP turned on. It only eliminates the need to constantly micro-adjust your pedal position, that's something the AP does for you, but at least in my case I still need to keep the pedals in a general deflected position that matches the current attitude, airspeed etc. If I do center the pedals, either quickly or really slowly, the yaw AP is not able to keep the helo in the heading I want it to fly (while if I keep the pedals deflected it does manage to). I think that also is the way it should work, right? (Note that I don't have rudder trim enabled)
  8. Yeah, the Crosswinds... I'm dreaming of them, but including the hydraulic damping (that IMHO is a must) they'd cost me €400 including taxes and shipping. In comparison, the Logitech pedals have cost me €140, slight difference (and not to forget that I managed to sell my previous CH products pedals + yoke for €120). Of course getting Crosswinds is the ultimate fix, but unfortunately I'm not in the position to "just" spend €400 when also having to maintain a household, a kid, Ms. Koekemoeroetoe, a car for work etc. so I'll have to make do with what I've got right now and maybe save up for something like the Crosswinds eventually.
  9. Thanks for the replies! Removing the spring from the pedals is a no go for now since it voids my warranty (still have one year, would like to keep the pedals original until then). I've specifically bought the Logitech pedals back then because they are relatively wide and were in my price range. I've had CH products pedals before, and although they were very nice in build quality and spring tension, they were so narrow that longer flights were not so pleasant to my manly parts I have the spring tension on the Logitechs set at its lowest already, but it's not low enough for usage in helo's IMHO
  10. Hi all, I'm using spring loaded rudder pedals (Logitech G Flight pedals) but I'm having a bit of a struggle with them in the Hind. I used to fly jets mostly, meaning you can center the pedals 95% of the time. However in the Hind you use pedals all the time, and since the Logitech are spring centered even on the lowest tension setting, keeping them deflected for longer periods of time causes a lot of strain in my legs. Flying longer sorties is no fun that way. In the real MI-24 the damper system of course is made to prevent this, and I've looked into modding the Logitech pedals in a similar fashion, but that would mean A. adding extra components for which I don't have the money and time right now, and B. voiding my warranty. Although it's there for probably exactly this issue, I don't like the rudder trim option because it makes you lose the feeling of in which stance your pedals are (e.g. physical pedals centered, but in-game pedals fully left). I was wondering how other people using spring loaded pedals use them in the Hind (or any helicopter). Anyone willing to share their settings? Or maybe (simple and cheap) mods that don't void the warranty of the pedals? Thanks!
  11. I have this bug happening regularly to me as well I think. In options center joystick trim, no rudder trim. Yaw, roll and pitch AP on. Starting in trimmed, stable flight, I then change attitude and regain stable flight while holding the controls. Once stable (all parameters, so also climb/descent and airspeed), press the trimmer and release the joystick to center (holding pedals in position since no rudder trim). Most of times the airframe keeps stable and the trim works as I expect it to, but there are also many times *something* happens which messes up the trim entirely. It feels as if it sort of doubles the input I tried to trim, so e.g. if I was giving 20% cyclic forward, I trim and center the joystick, the moment the joystick is centered suddenly another 20% forward stick is added. I don't know how to reproduce this, it seems happening randomly, but made me crash already several times when it happend while going in for a landing. Sometimes I can fix it by re-trimming another time, but there also are times only a trim reset and re-trim can "fix" it. If I've not already crashed and burned... Before it's asked: - No, no RBS (happens in any attitude, speed, etc.) - No, no VRS (happens in any attitude, speed, etc.) Stick is a TM Warthog, no extensions and when the bug occurs it's definitly fully centered and most definitely not giving the "over-input" that is happening. I'll see if I can make a .trk when this occurs again. Might as well be a pilot error, but at least I'm glad to read more people are having this issue which makes me think it isn't entirely me who's doing something wrong.
  12. Flew again yesterday, what solved the issue for me is resetting trim directly on mission start (instant action, air start). Regained full rudder authority and control that way and I'm now able to hover and land. Perhaps something in the already applied trim on mission start that's keeping the controls from reaching full deflection to either side (although the control indicator said rudder was pushed to the right fully). Note: I have "rudder trim" unchecked in the options menu.
  13. I thought it was me, good to hear I'm not the only one though. Had an hour or so yesterday to try the Hind, but was not able to hover or take off properly due to this issue. No matter how much right rudder, the Hind kept spinning CCW. Even with pedals fully deflected. Rudder trim activated or deactivated made no difference, and also I had no double binds for the rudder axis. Will try again this evening, if it happens again will see if I can make a video and post a track file.
  14. Oh yeah, if it weren't for the CAD software I would have most definitely gone for a 5600x or similar Intel i5 as well. Way better bang per buck. And for gaming eventually the GPU is the biggest factor in fps and frametimes, maybe with (flight) simulators as the only exclusion (and badly optimized console ports of course).
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