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  1. Title says it all. Give me your thoughts and wishes...Who knows, might come true ;)
  2. Hi all, This direct toward ED and sorry if it might seem a bit straight forward, but how do I register or become a third party licensed developer of DCS Content? I'm bringing a team together to do a project for DCS and I wanted to know if it'll be possible to speak with some one from ED on the process, licensing etc. Best,
  3. Waas kicked from a server after flying for about 20minutes. Happened twice Great mod though, there is no reason why this shouldnt already be in DCS
  4. Yeah and I can't get it to work. The one on the thorttle works for the RDR Curser but not the stick. Doesnt show it. THe bottom works though
  5. That sucks, but thanks! Figured you couldn't though
  6. Hi all, How do I boresight or reset my TGP in A-G mode? Thx
  7. Hi everyone, I was wondering if it was possible to use the mini 6DOF stick for viewing just as in MSFS2020? I can't seem to bind it for viewing has anyone else done this? Would be a huge help!
  8. I actually have no idea what version of the game I'm running. I'm running the DCS Stable. I installed the mod before starting the game the first time. See attachment if this is the possible version of the game. It says 2.5.5 on the splash screen, but on the launcher/updater
  9. Yeah Id like to know this as well. I'm reinstalling DCS with my new Valve Index. I came across the mod when seeing how to fix the perfomance issues in VR but I had open beta installed and figured I couldn't use the mod with the open beta. What version of the mode will work with what DCS versions
  10. I have no idea, how do I find out? "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World" Is my path
  11. Hi all, It seems i can't update to the latest version of DCS. I'm currently on and can't update to 2.5.6.xxxxx. Even when I do the force update through the command line I get the message "The Installed Version is the latest". Anyone else ran into this issue? Need help. Thanks in advance
  12. Do it and don't look back. For a flight sim you don't need 144hz (its honestly a meme for anything other than CS:GO). I'm on a 70inch Samsung 4k and I love it. I truly feel I'm in the plane because the TV takes up my entire field of vision. Input lag is only 10ms and again that's liveable for a flight sim.
  13. Thanks everyone for the replies, I think I’ll go with more RAM first and an AIO cooler and see how far I can overclock
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