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  1. Running and seems to be working ok now :)
  2. Bump Today I just tried the Open Beta update to, but the problem is still there :(
  3. I've had this issue for a while. I still have it in I tried checking 1.5 Open Beta, but it turns out its the same version as release :(
  4. I'm sorry to tell you I fixed the stick and I'm not selling it. In fact, i'm looking for a broken stick for parts to make a more permanent repair.
  5. Same problem here. I have a Logitech G940 but I don't use the force feedback in DCS because it messes up axis deadzones and curves, and since 1.5.4 came out, I can't trim any aircraft of any kind. :( The only solution atm is to enable force feedback and try to fly with a hyper sensitive stick.
  6. IIRC, NDBs don't depend on line of sight to work IRL.
  7. With some difficulty, I managed to put a screw through the pin and glue the piece back together. It seems to be holding together for now. I don't know if Logitech has a spare parts service, but it would be very nice in these cases. It's not like when a cheap mouse breaks and you just buy a new one... For instance, I had to give up on my previous HOTAS, a Saitek X-52, because the Y axis hall sensor died and there are no stores around selling a replacement. As an additional note, I had the dead-hand sensor on the stick covered so I could use it to fly in DCS hands off. But because of that, sometimes the stick would start jerking around quite violently if I plugged it in and I didn't have my hand on it. It had happened to me several times and this damage happened shortly after one of those. I'm not totally sure if they are related, but be aware, just in case.
  8. This evening I noticed my G940 force feedback acting funny. I tested the forces on the gaming device control panel. Sideways forces were fine, and the stick would pull back, but push forward force was minimal. Also, there was a new weird bump when wiggling the stick forward and back. I continued testing for driver or config problems but everything software related was fine. I decided to go ahead and open the stick base and see if anything was broken. It wasn't easy, I had to disassemble the whole stick just to access the base. As soon as I removed the rubber cover, it was clear something was broken. The rod (a PLASTIC rod with a tiny reinforcement) that connects the Y motor to the stick base had snapped. These pics (taken from this post on the logitech forum) show how the ffb motor gears and the rod should look. And this pic shows how the rod snapped. (sorry for the shoddy quality.) Anyone who owns a G940 knows how beefy the FFB motors are. What were they thinking when they decided to use a PLASTIC piece to connect the stick and the motors? I guess the same as when they decided to add a cable guide on the throttle that broke that same cable after some use. I'm going to try to fix it by gluing the piece together and drive a screw through it as reinforcement. It would be better to replace it with something made of metal, but I would have to find someone around here with the tools needed to make a custom part.
  9. I was looking for info about the 48H6E2 and I found this post. It's not easy, since NATO/DoD give new designations to systems that are basically updates, and russian designations and names are a confusing nightmare. I will share what I've found so far. Those missiles are from the S-300 family and its many variants and modernizations. The 5V55 is used on the S-300PS (according to the DCS encyclopedia), making it the 5V55R (SA-10d/e according to Wikipedia), with ranges differing from sources, of 45 Km (DCS), 90 km (Wiki) and 40 nm (CMANO database info). Interestingly, both the "slave" and "master" TELs (as referred to by Wikipedia) are featured on DCS, but seem to have the same capabilities in-game. The 48N6 (and its upgrades 48N6E and E2) is used on the S-300FM (SA-N-20) and S-300PM (SA-20). Its stated range varies from 90 Km (DCS), 150 Km (Wiki) and 80 nm (CMANO DB). I think that 48H6E2 is just a mistranslation of 48N6E2. IIRC, the 5V55 is used by the land SA-10 and the 48N6 is used by the Pyotr Velikiy (a Kirov-class cruiser), but I could be completely wrong.
  10. Bumping this thread from limbo after a search on google. I have a Logitech G940 and I also have this issue, and aphelion79's idea would be great. There are some very nice functions, like the trim-to-stick on the Su-27, the centering on helicopters, the buffeting on the p-51 when near a stall. But I have two problems: The 940's centering springs don't reach all the way to the center, so there's about a centimeter of slop around the center before reaching the spring. Without dead zones, this means that the plane will react to the slightest tic on the hand, and holding it perfectly steady all the time is quite tiring. Also, the F-15's autopilot won't work if there's any force being applied to the stick, and any movement, even its own weight, will trigger a disengage, so the autopilot keeps turning on and off intermitently as much as i try to keep the stick centered.
  11. I think I've found a workaround for this problem. To start or restart the APU, turn off all external power sources and the engine generators. Use ONLY the batteries.
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