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  1. Haven't been paying much attention to this upcoming module as I got my head in the clouds (or actually just above the tree tops) in the Apache, but the latest video from Growling Sidewinder got me excited. So sorry if this was asked before (it probably has).. In real life, how dependent is the F-15E pilot from the WSO? (and the other way around) Are we talking Tomcat pilot/RIO here, where one can't pretty much do anything without the other? Or will it be more like Apache pilot/CPG, where both stations allow the crew to operate "almost" everything (with only a few station specific systems)? Although I pre purchased the Tomcat (without regret), I never really got used to using Jester. As in, I don't really fancy how much he needs me to tell him everything. So I really wonder what to expect for the Strike Eagle. (I totally love Razbam's modules by the way, so I'll probably end up buying anyways )
  2. Well, if you look at it that way, why do people still buy the F-86, Viggen, MiG-21, etc. (just to name a few) Personally there are quite a few other airframes I'd prefer first, but sure, I'd probably buy the E if it were available.
  3. For horizontal fov I could agree, but the vertical fov in VR headsets is quite large. Especially if I compare it to 2D monitor in cockpit videos I see on YouTube. At least that's what I noticed.
  4. Haven't been playing online lately and I'm wondering: Is it possible yet to switch between PLT and CP/G station in MP? Or has anything been shared by ED on this matter? (Not able to test it myself at the moment)
  5. You don't need a building engineer for creating damage models for fictional buildings Just someone with some common sense, the ability to surf the internet for pictures and some creativity
  6. Personally, I rather keep my DCS clean of mods, as too many times I had trouble when things broke after a DCS update. At some point I got fed up with troubleshooting to find out what exactly broke.. I'd rather see something added to DCS core to make it easier to enter F10 map coordinates into my jet/chopper.
  7. Same here. I play VR and I need to switch 3 times between F1 and F10 view, in order to add coordinates (sometimes more, if I get distracted). Short memory? Perhaps.. And each time I switch between F1 and F10 I have to find the exact same spot on the F10 map with my mouse (or click on the required map/unit icon again, as it automatically gets deselected when switching between views). I learned to live with it/use it, but there's certainly room for (quality of life) improvement here
  8. Very nice to see all the AI improvements Overall, quite an impressively long list of fixes! I'm very disappointed though, that after 2,5 years of EA we still don't see any news on the Viper pilot body.. I really don't get how the Apache pilot is already in the works (although that pleases me), while the Viper apparently is not (looking at the status color in this thread).
  9. Syria map scenery already has some nice damage models Would indeed be nice to at some point see the same llevelof detail on other maps (no priority imho though)
  10. Off topic: Suggesting that DCS isn't really a VR game because it has no full VR controller support, is of course a nonsense argument As if VR controller support is mandatory for VR games? I play a few VR games (racing sims and Flight sims), but I've never had to use the VR controllers for any of them (in fact, they only left the box during initial setup). On topic: Although I do own them, personally I never fly the FC3 modules, so I don't care but also wouldn't mind the OP's suggestion. I do wonder however, where would you want to put the limit on the clickable cockpit? Only gear and flaps would probably not add much/enough, but then.. Which switches should be made clickable and which not? A 1000 players a 1000 wishes I expect. On the other hand, but this has probably already been discussed elsewhere, why not just make all switches clickable that already have a key bind at the moment? What's the difference between pressing a keyboard key, or a virtual switch? It can't be confidentiality related, is it? (It would perhaps be a lot of coding work, which is arguable as these are indeed cheap modules)
  11. Was this confirmed somewhere by ED? That certainly would be a great addition!
  12. He is not, so it's pretty pointless (impossible) trying to explain or argue over it
  13. Although your first paragraph indicates that you don't use VR , the rest of your wish makes sense. It would indeed be useful to not have to constantly switch between the cockpit and F10 map. It is however a bit more complicated than what you show in your example, as not all modules use the same coordinate systems. While the format in your example would for instance be useful in the A-10 or Apache, it won't be for the Viper and Hornet.
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