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  1. I've tried to snap it off, but that thing is super tough.
  2. Love_Beam

    Skin request

    Hey all, I have a request if anyone is interested, I am willing to "tip" for your time. I would involve making some VF-41 skins PM if you are interested
  3. If you land overweight will it rip off?
  4. No, STT is single target track. Hooking a track does not STT that track, you have to press one of the STT buttons to do that.
  5. what is the difference like percentage wise? if its that simple haha
  6. @IronMikedo you know if we will be getting a VF-41 skin?
  7. Here is what I'm taking about Iron Mike, watch at the :24 mark
  8. What about the horrible high G/AOA random wobble they make when they go active, they bleed so much energy when that happens...
  9. Anyone else see that you can fly mach 1.1 at mil power at angels 5? only on Syria instant action though...
  10. How hard would it be to add a 3rd allied flight? I have a potential for 12 people to play this.
  11. Hey whenever I say "Jester BVR" voice attack recognizes the phrase but in DCS nothing happens and Jester says, "roger" "Hey Jester" used to pull up the menu but doesn't anymore What am I doing wrong
  12. I need better installation instructions.... these are horrible and Ive been through it at least 5 times and it never works. Are there any videos out there on how to set this up?
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