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  1. Woa! It's been so long?? Feels like it happened yestarday..
  2. People these days! This link is from europe "or more detailed" from latvia! Website that offers you the ability to vote for best chorus in one of the best collages in country. In this matter i dont care about chorus contest.. its only that my friend sings in it and he would be happy to help me with this project if i'm helping him with votes.
  3. Well then it's okay! Votes would just make sure this project gets the attention it requires. As for now i cant spend much of my time because i've already not slept for weeks dedicating my self for my studies.
  4. Because of lack of time i have to do all the work on my current project i'm introducing my friend in it! He knows much more stuff about programming and i hope that he will be able to give this project a little boost! And here's where i need your help. He's doing some kind of chorus thing and he needs help! http://www.cesupremija.lv/ Go to this link. Press yes (asking about ages because the project is sponsored by a beer company) After in page press "Control F" and find "AURA uz Maltu" Go to that specific chorus (http://www.cesupremija.lv/?s=balsot&id=18) Move your mouse above "balsot" And vote trough your facebook/twitter what ever you feel to be less time taking! If we will collect 150 votes with your help we will release more footage regarding our project! 4000 votes will give you an actual mod in time form 1-2 weeks. Glitchy but still fun to play with.
  5. Are there any pictures in it? :D I have enough of reading till i'm 40 for now. Studying quantum physics and pretty much most of base content of theoretical physics which is pretty much the same thing only a bit more of "math! math everywhere!" kinda stuff.
  6. I mentioned that currently mfcd doesnt work with this thing because i dont know how to configure the osb button usage and when ever i try using this for mfcd it just goes off scale and you pretty much cant see anything!
  7. This is in-game stuff but creating this is pain in the a** without any sdk kit. Still you cant use this for whole map and most time spent in creating this was just going on circles with code.
  8. You can say it's fictional radar pod.
  9. Didn't sleep for 2 days :D Just a self education on scripting and dcs forums browsing.
  10. Yup. ( i guess i should have done like most devs today.. added little white "ingame footage" in corner :D)
  11. :D That would be one hell of a slammer!
  12. F-18 Radar Part 2! Its me again! Thoughts can change in a moment! When i used to be "just a guy from community giving ideas for bethseda" when they were releasing fallout 3 i met some of most creative people i've ever known! They thought me that first comes the idea then vision and then visualisation of the vision and then comes coding and scripting and what not.. First when i started posting my ideas i had no idea how to work with dcs and people that knew were trying to find million reasons why my ideas wont work instead of trying to help to figure out how to make them work and i'm not only talking about this project! All through i met some resistance for my ideas in Bethesda dev team they at least tried to make them happen! Here it was, just as i said, million reasons why not..! i'm not talking about everyone! There were still people that were supportive in their own way! I want to make sure that i have nothing against Coretex Designs or anyone working in their team. It so happens that i started presenting my ideas in their part of the forums! Keep up the good work! ;) Anyway here i present my current work and FCR integration for dcs. Still there are some glitches like range and rotation between high texture and low texture scans isn't synced and the image change isnt as smooth as it should be and terrain masking at very low levels is i must say crappy and the scaling for mfds (in 3d space) is too unfinished so you can say i used 3rd mfd - those things i might fix if i will have free time. Also adding "more stuff to press" in mfd. currently i'm using it only by key combinations. If anyone from ED devs or their representatives have any objections against my work i'm ready to remove this video and get rid of the code.
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