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  1. Update: mission successful at a friends place i downloaded dcsworld 2.5 to a usb stick with my laptop once all the unpacking and installing was completed and without starting dcs, i then copied the dcsworld folder to my desktop next i created a desktop shortcut for both the dcs and the updater then gave it a go at first i got an missing file error but remembered from previous experience that it had something to do with one of two things: directx and/or the ms visual c++ so i headed to the included distro folder and ran dxsetup and both the ms visual C++ redistributable packages, after that everything started up just fine. then to finish, hot-spot the phone to get internet, logged in and downloaded the F-15c So in a nutshell: download dcsworld on laptop transfer dcsworld folder to desktop run all files in the "distro" folder get online, log in download desired modules enjoy! Thanks everyone :)
  2. yes, the old e8600 cpu seems to be struggling to feed the gtx1080 which i suspected would be the case. funnily enough at present in other games the performance increased as i turned the graphics settings up, yes you read that right, it turned out without vsync enabled the new card would have a very high fps and this was loading the old cpu @ 100% killing performance. i found that turning up the graphics settings would load up the videocard reducing fps and increasing overall performance, i found that rather amusing :) , enabling vsync sorted all that out, but yes a slightly more modern pc is on the way :) I have lined up a z170a motherboard, an i7 6700k and 16gig ddr4 3200 back to the point: thanks, you have both given me the answer i was hoping for, So it's really that simple, sounds too good to be true :) DCS from laptop to desktop. 1. download/install on the laptop 2. copy entire folder from laptop to desktop 3. connect to internet via mobile phone to activate modules etc. Q. how big is a fresh dcsworld 2.5 install these days?
  3. hello all, G3 here, it has been a while, quite a while, but I am back :) hopefully a few of you may remember me :) just scored a gtx1080 and keen to get dcsworld 2.5 running and check out how it looks these days. here is my predicament: I want to install dcs to my desktop, I have no internet at home I have a laptop that I can download dcsworld on via internet elsewhere Question: Is it possible to download dcsworld 2.5 on my laptop and transfer it to my desktop? Please advise if you know a way to achieve my task, or just want to say hi :) Brief history for reference: big fan of the the f-15c and the BS, I am just about to upgrade (tonight) from a roughly 10 year old tri-sli gtx280 setup, to a gtx 1080, dare say I may see a slight improvement in performance, and for reference I am putting it in an old e8600 @ 4Ghz with 8gig ddr3 and an ssd with the win10 x64 giddy with anticipation :thumbup:
  4. galen104, glad to hear you finally got it to connect
  5. Fakum, thanks for posting your procedure, the only bit i don't think is necessary to do was grab the eagle pit files, the keybinds are provided in the custom files as for the shortcut, i simply create a desktop shortcut of leavu2.jar then right click, properties, and edit the target line so if it originally looked lke this: x:\games\Leavu\LEAVU2.jar I change it to look lke this: x:\games\Leavu\LEAVU2.jar -preset Presets/your preset name here Galen104, we need to get you connected, are you saying you can successfully connecting leavu on a network but not locally or am i misunderstanding you post. i am running windows 10 on both dcs pc and remote pc OverDhill, looking good there, i agree all is not ideal but we can only hope that one day in the future we might be able to export all the instruments as viewports or just have a full panel view all i know is i could never go back to just relying on looking at the instrument panel in game
  6. to those of you who managed to get it all working, would really like to see what you have done compared to my simpler guide using the custom files, when u get a chance maybe you can post your procedure, i ask because the whole idea was to make it easier but this thread hasn't exactly panned out as intended :)
  7. provided you are using the latest helios profile and leavu keybindings from post #2 custom files, there is no need to do anything in helios to get the pacs buttons working, it's all been done hitting the leavu setup button in the profile will set the 3 mfd's up to display the correct screens and then the leavu pacs will be controlled by the helios buttons dclt, hsd and sms although the top pylon buttons currently have no function. the screenshot in post #2 is the latest profile with pacs working as described above and did you eventually get the shortcut sorted to automatically start your preset Galen 104, this is not going to help but i was unable to get mine not to connect? it really shouldn't matter what export file you use, if you're not using the one provided in post #2, any will work provided you add the leavu dofiles at the end
  8. G3

    Allo Allo Allo!

    g'day mate, how ya goin? that's how we do it around here :thumbup:
  9. bummer, i thought we found the missing link, it's just gone 3am here so it's bed time for me maybe we can arrange to have a chat thru the week
  10. galem104, sorry mate busy weekend for me but will have a look when i get chance Fakum, from the picture you posted your tews mfd looks, in the custom files v5.rar one of my presets should be near spot on for the profile. at least it looks like the helios profile's "leavu setup button" is working so i think your keybinds are ok:) u are close but no cigar just yet, so let's fix that if we can in the quote you have "C:\ F15leavu\Leavu" further down you have “C:\F15lEAVU\Leavu Client\Leavu\” the structure is confusing, but lets assume you have the later, C:\F15leavu\Leavu Client\Leavu\ there is no need for the fc2 exports folder to go in your leavu folder the export folder needs to go in your main dcs config folder taken straight from the DCS v1.5.2 beta_leavu_guide v3.0 4. copy the LeavuEri_2.1\Fc2 Exports\config\export folder paste the export folder into x:\DCS World OpenBeta\config\ ensure you include this step and report back, read twice, paste once :megalol:
  11. confirmed all working fine after the DCS 1.5.3 update Fakum, let me know where you guys got up to and I will have a think about it galen104, I have not had this connection problem, but i don't think you are not the first am i correct to assume: you are trying to connect dcs and leavu on the same pc. you have leavu starting ok, with mfd's appearing but just not connecting to sim. leavu just sits there saying connecting off the top of my head, not connecting to sim could be caused by a few things: the wrong dofiles lines at the end of your export.lua the leavu exports folder not in your dcs config folder when I get a chance over the next day or 2, will see if i can replicate this connection problem
  12. Fakum:, the setup button just sends key press commands thru helios to leavu via the keybindings so what that means is you can press the Leavu setup button in the helios profile anytime after starting the leavu preset and seeing the 3 leavu mfd's appear i always start leavu2.jar with my desktop shortcut, loading the preset, then start helios control center and load the profile Fakum:, in the conversation Iku64 and Sobe are having, they are talking about telling leavu which version of java to use via a cmd line when you have both 32bit and 64bit java intalled as having both versions installed seems to cause some problems with leavu2, as mentioned in post #2 i have only the 32bit version of java, so doing this stuff in not required i do not have a file Leavu2.cmd, so you can stop looking for it but i do have a shortcut to leavu2.jar that i put on the desktop setup to autorun a preset as explained in the guide (the guides refer to custom files v3.0 which are now the custom files v5.0, other than that follow the simpler guide) if your leavu2 mfd's will not go active then try these two possible solutions: make sure you have those 6x dll files in windows\sysWoW64 now if that wasn't the problem then: it sounds to me like your issue maybe with java, possibly having both 32bit and 64bit installed. try removing all java versions thru control panel, remove programs and try with just the latest 32bit java installed, link to latest 32bit java in post #2 once you finally get it working, and only then if you really need to have both 32bt and 64bit java installed and it causes problems with leavu2 it is then you may want to consider working out what they are talking about, but for now try with just the 32bit java only let me know how you go
  13. Here is my latest modified Capt_Zeen's F-15C profile to work with Leavu download: F-15C_v1.0b_G3v5.rar I have also added this profile to the custom files v5.0 in post #2 so what's new: you get a reworked helios MFCD button layout to better suit the Leavu button positions etc all helios MFCD buttons mapped to control the 20x buttons of the leavu MFD with a few of the important buttons labelled covered up a white line I was getting above the helios VSD 3x pre configured helios layouts for 1920x1080, below, RHside and single montor setups an updated Leavu Setup button that: automatically configures the 3 leavu mfd's and now sets up the leavu hotkeys for SMS and HSD so you can easily toggle between the two and finally it also turns on SYNC for HSD so it matches the in-game VSD ranges what's in the rar: I have uploaded the files in the appropriate folders, all inside the helios folder so you just copy the helios folder to your documents folder and everything should go in the right location (as you need both the profile and the image folders in your documents\helios folder) to install: note: you need to have Leavu working and Capt_Zeen's F-15 profile already in helios then all you need to do is: unzip and copy the "helios" folder into your "documents" folder note: no change to the existing leavu presets, keybindings or export.lua credits: remember this is not my profile, All the hard work is thanks to Capt_Zeen, I've just made his F-15C profile a bit more leavu friendly, enjoy G3. Sobe: try this latest update to the profiles and see how you go
  14. No it was not wrong, what you were doing is the correct thing to do, but in doing so it was causing the problem you described that I believe was my fault. appears it was an error on my behalf, not including the other main monitor in the profiles, which causes trouble if you reset monitors in the editor, I think I have resolved this issue. I have updated both the below and RHside profiles to hopefully correct this issue see post #120 updated the download to F-15C_v1.0b_G3v4.rar please try it out for me, use the RHside profile, run the profile before and then after doing a monitor reset, let me know what you find if all works ok, I will update post #2 with the latest profiles
  15. Sobe I have seen the same issue happen when trying to reset monitors in the helios editor. I made the RHside profile to suit your monitor layout and tested it on my end, So did you just run the RHside profile or did you go into the helios editor and reset monitors?
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