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  1. Thanks Floyd, me to. I should take this to the F-16 thread rather than clutter up the Apache thread.
  2. Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction on something. I jumped back into the Viper and turned on re-shade and the MFD's were great, lettering and lines were very clear and easy to see just like my quick test earlier getting the Apache sorted. This time however, since I was flying a training mission I activated A/G mode and brought up the TGP and A/G radar both of them were very bright and completely washed out. The text around the outside was still somewhat visible but faint and the lines (crosshair or sweep line) were invisible due to the brightness of the background. Now the problem, when I turn down the brightness to be able to see the images the text and lines fades away almost completely. I tried to adjust the gamma in Re-shade, it adjusted the image fine but the letters and lines also became faded as well. Is there a setting which affects the text and lines? Adjusting SYM or CONT rockers seemed to have no effect on the text or lines. This was not the case with the Apache, I had to tone VID down a little but all the text stayed as is. Any suggestions?
  3. I think I’ve seen that somewhere. Now where was that? In an old 1990’s sim I think
  4. If he doesn’t fire I find that I’m not oriented on the target correctly or dropped too low. Once I sort that out he happily fires away.
  5. I didn’t realize RAZBAM produced Hornet campaigns. Which one is it?
  6. UPDATE: I have since gone in and made a new UIMask.png which covers the Hornet and Viper as well as the Apache exported components and... Wow! What a great improvement.
  7. They probably don’t know it’s there. The Ka-50 devs from then are long gone I presume.
  8. Not a graphic artist by any stretch of your imagination but was able to muddle through and create the mask and set up ReShade. Worked a treat. Great workaround until ED sorts it out… I mostly needed it to improve the video image of the TADS in the pilots MFD. The export was so poor it was impossible to check George’s target to see if it was friendly or not. Alas, there was a couple of Blue on Blue hits. Thanks Floyd
  9. Looking forward to them as well. They’ll fit nicely on my 2nd monitor and really make a difference in using the various controls pages.
  10. Thanks Bunny I’ll tweak the speeds. What did you use?
  11. Actually he was Italian, just bankrolled by the Portuguese.
  12. Snap view to align is a good idea. Thanks, saves contorting in my chair.
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