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  1. I own A-10C, I was under the impression that NTTR would be free if you owned A-10C. However, the A-10C module doesn't show up in the game, and I have no key to activate the NTTR with...
  2. I log into the game with my store account (which was already entered) but I have none of my modules active, how do I fix this? Also, the view is shifted upwards about 1/4 screen height, so I can't see the top 1/4 of the image, and I can't find any options.... what's going on? Edit: View problem solved, Alt+Enter to get to full screen, then changed the resolution which was set for my old screen, now I can get to the option button (had forgotten it was at the top of the screen). But I cannot log into the module manager "no internet connection"... EDIT 2: Modules are working now, probably only servers that were under a bit of stress before.
  3. Good carrier ops is obviously very important for the Hornet, so I'm hoping that the Hornet module brings more developed carriers so that you can have good communication with the carrier tower, start below deck, ride the elevator and so on :)
  4. Hmm.. it's not out yet, I might have time to make some repair soldering to my Warthog. For the third time :(
  5. No problem Wags, you and your guys probably need some rest too, you sure earned it.
  6. I bought the A-10C beta in 2010, but the product doesn't show up in my profile.
  7. How are you testing the function in the game? Have you tried mapping the buttons in the settings (under the correct section)?
  8. So what if the "author" would like to sell his missions? Is that also up to the author? Personally I'd want my missions to be used, changed and re-used, my only wish would be that I'd be credited as the original author.
  9. Pfff.... the Hornet is so far away that it'll be arcade when it's finally released :harhar:
  10. I always end up thinking of Dr. Strangelove when WW3 is discussed. A funny movie, sure, but quite scary too. And you never know what will happen if things keep going as they do...
  11. Just roll out your plane, put on a new coat of wax and buff it up to a shine and that thing can't touch you.
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