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  1. This also needs to be put to bed. Not ED, nor the 3rd parties, need a license to make any of the modules. There isn't a legal president at all that will a) either prevent them from representing an aircraft in the sim nor b) make them liable for any litigation. This has been stated multiples by ED and 3rd parties. The bottom line is if they have the data, they can make it. What a license does do though, gives them support from the manufacturer for data and SME input, that's all. If HB had the data for the D, there is sweet nothing NG can do to stop them to produce it as a module for DCS.
  2. Sounds to me there are a lot of people playing DCS for competitive PVP. Sounds like a lot of DCS players, are playing the wrong game.
  3. Terrain mapping radar? Check. Multi crew nailed? Check. TF-30's modelled? Check. We be Aardvarking, bois.
  4. Because it falls outside his budget.
  5. Many people have recommended the F-5, but I feel it's a poor choice for a first module, unless the F-5 is your favourite aircraft. The F-5 is not a poor module. It's very good actually, but it's extremely limited in capabilities. My suggestion is get the M2000. It's a 4th fighter, with some air to ground capability, but is not as overwhelming system wise, that the F-18 for example is. Since you've already got your eye on the M2000, I feel it's a no brainer to go for it. The mirage 2000 is more capable than the F-5, and has a much more free and paid content available than the F-5, and lastly with the M2000 you will be competitive in most MP servers, both PVE and PVP.
  6. According to this post, ED have unlocked the files and are trying to get in touch with Ranger79.
  7. I'm not angry RagnarDa, just disappointed. https://xkcd.com/327/
  8. The same to you. The current information available is the R-33 is SARH and requires CW to home onto the target. That should trip the RWR. So unless you have better information for how the missile is guided, then this should be considered a bug. If it isn't a bug, then the rest of DCS's modules need it fixed.
  9. So what if the Jeff is the block 2. This isn't some f2p grinding game where the draw is competitive pvp, where you have to have balanced gameplay. Let the devs build what they want to build.
  10. Reported here. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=262576
  11. It should spike the RWR. The 31 doesn't launch in TWS, it spikes multiple targets, since it can electronically steer a beam on multiple targets. This is not the same as a Tomcat, or Eagle launching in TWS.
  12. I mean, you could just taxi at a reasonable speed and remain on taxi ways/runways...
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