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  1. Unfortunately I still have no free time to update them, and fix gauges in the Russian pits.
  2. All cockpits have been updated to be compatible with both, the Stable, as well as the Open Beta. A little more work was done on optimization, more of a streamlining work, than actual visible benefits though. I had some hopes on using ATSC 5x5 compression on Normal Maps, which could result in additional 15% of space gain with no degradation of image quality... unfortunately the game engine doesn't really want to work with them as well, as the now-default BC5u compression. Resulting in a lot of artefacts, as it appears the game still tries to read blue and alpha channel of those textures, which are simply not there with BC5u, but pure max value ("white") with ATSC.
  3. Yes, I'm aware of that issue, was waiting for a newer update to see if anything else changed. The files will be updated in next couple of days.
  4. What I'm doing is only some texture fakery. ED can add shaders that would make their original texture look realistic without messing with it - like gradient masking the visible range, gradient brightness amplification when in eye is aligned with projected light source, etc. They could also make the K-14 sight more realistic in VR, note that those sights were projecting two images, that were visible by both eyes, without much overlap - the static sight was visible by one, the gyro sight by the other. This aspect of gunsights is not yet implemented in any sim.
  5. Glad you like it. In my spare time I've incorporated the official templates into the textures, unfortunately I see it didn't added any of the missing features... so I have to add them by myself, like the "НОГАМИ НЕ СТАНОВИТЬСЯ КОЛПАК НЕ КРАСИТЬ" near the 9K114 antenna radome: or the static air pressure ports on both sides of the fuselage: Of course normal maps will have to be redone as well. But I'll get to it when I add all the other missing bits.
  6. This is initial release of two packs of skins for the Mi-24P module, that contain skins for all currently serving Polish Mi-24 , both Hind-D (Mi-24D), as well as Hind-E (Mi-24W). This means, both packs together contain 26 numbered airframes, as well as 4 non-numbered "blank" textures. Pilots were repainted to represent Polish gear, like the THL-5NV flight helmet. Stores like UB-32A, PTB-450, 9M114 - were repainted. the Ka-50 tank that is currently serving as PTB-450 placeholder is also included in Forest Green paint. In this initial release, there are still some stencils missing, as well as the #739, #740 and #741 airframes are not sporting the "Husar" painjob, which would require it's own package... as every single one of those 6 paintings is different from each other and will require much more time to make. DOWNLOAD v0.9: Mi-24P as Polish Hinds-D blank (no number) blank with eyes (no number) airframe #169 (eyes) airframe #174 airframe #175 airframe #176 (eyes) airframe #209 airframe #211 airframe #270 airframe #271 airframe #272 airframe #456 airframe #457 (1st.BLWL) airframe #459 airframe #460 airframe #461 Mi-24P as Polish Hinds-E blank (no number) blank with Scorpion (no number) airframe #728 (30 years patch) airframe #729 (30 years patch) airframe #730 (Scorpion) airframe #731 airframe #732 (30 years patch + Scorpion) airframe #734 (30 years patch + Scorpion) airframe #735 (Scorpion) airframe #738 (30 years patch) airframe #739 airframe #740 (30 years patch) airframe #741 (30 years patch) airframe #956 Have fun flying mean, green machines!
  7. The way those sights work is unchanged since the World War 2 - there is a lamp (with filament bulb), that shines on mechanized obscuring screens producing an image of symbology, which then is projected through mirrors and lenses into the combiner glass. In the absolute right circumstances, the image will be crisp. But the inherent flaws in the design will produce image that will not be uniformly lit, the screens get scratched and faded, the combiner glass have some basic coatings reducing ghosting - but not entirely... What I want to do is to represent as many of these natural flaws as possible, while the only tool for that available to us, is the bitmap with its transparency channel. What I will be focusing on now is the brightness of the image, because it is ok for most use cases, but way to dark, to represent the ASP-17 at full brightness setting.
  8. It's an error in filename for the Russian cockpits, after I switched the naming system it wasn't updated, while I'll repack all the cockpits, find the "Cockpit_Mi-24P_scoreboard_RUS_on.dds" file, and rename it to "Cockpit_Mi-24P_scoreboard_on_RUS.dds"
  9. I'm attempting to make the ASP17 sight look a bit more realistic, it's not fully possible without writing specific shaders for it, but texture replacement seems to getting the job done at least part way there. This is a work in progress, as I'm not 100% satisfied by the current result, but feel free to share your opinion. Download: ASP17 - modified reticle And the real one:
  10. Default cockpit textures for the Mi-24P module are quite heavy - memory usage wise, both cockpits will take up whole 2GB of ones VRAM, and for some this might be too much. So I tried to optimize them, to limit the amount of VRAM take take, by rescaling textures that are not essential for graphical fidelity. In the mean time, also re-coloring them... because why not? The result are cockpits that take only half of the memory they used to, without any noticeable degradation in visual quality. For a week now many of you could try the Black English-language one, and I heard a lot of positives about the load times, and in some cases performance increase. So through the week I made also the Russian version of the black cockpit, as well as both in grey, and... RAL 5018 - which was a substitute for trying to match the factory turquoise paint used by Mil, by the European users. English language cockpits also have brightened engine fire lights, as by default they are dimmer than the Russian language one. Skins are made to be compatible with OvGME - just use that program to install the mods. If you don't use that program, just unpack the .zi archive, and move the 'Liveries' folder, to your DCS directory in Saved Files location. Then choose new cockpit paint in game Options -> Special -> Mi-24. Update 2021-09-27: All cockpits updated to be compatible with newly added texture layers. Update 2021-06-21: Russian language cockpits updated for the warning panel lights to display properly. Download: Mi-24P Black EN Cockpit (optimized) Mi-24P Black RU Cockpit (optimized) Mi-24P Grey EN Cockpit (optimized) Mi-24P Grey RU Cockpit (optimized) Mi-24P RAL5018 EN Cockpit (optimized) Mi-24P RAL5018 RU Cockpit (optimized)
  11. Darn you, I was working on a grey one as well !
  12. Exactly. All throttles, with exception of the WinWing one, have way too short lever arms, this is the main reason, why the rail version have so much appeal to me - it is a compromise, between the "desktop size", and realistic handle rotation. The ARC looks to have the throttle levers way to short for my liking. If I can modify it to have them at realistic length - great. If not - rails it is.
  13. The Recovery Tanker is under its own function in MOOSE, like the Rescue Helo: https://flightcontrol-master.github.io/MOOSE_DOCS_DEVELOP/Documentation/Ops.RecoveryTanker.html Don't know about the Hawkeye though. EDIT well... HawkyStennis=RECOVERYTANKER:New(UNIT:FindByName("Stennis_AI"), "Hawkeye") HawkyStennis:SetAltitude(20000) HawkyStennis:SetRadio(266) HawkyStennis:Start()
  14. I'm having issues with both this script, and Wrench Carrier Script 1.2. Both work fine when the mission is run on my computer, but once I run it on the server and connect as client - there are no functions under F10, for either LSO or Carrier script. DCS version is current Open Beta (
  15. That is nowhere near what I'm seeing, if you set the playback speed on that video to 1/4th, it still look to run faster than it is on my end. And I'm also talking that empty NTTR map. i7 4790K 32GB DDR3 1070OC SSD Win10 64bit
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