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  1. I was flying for an hour and I'm very happy. Good performance with my GTX 1070.
  2. I will end up buying it to take advantage of the early access discount, but I have lots of doubts about performance in my 1070.
  3. Performance is similar to Marianas or more close to Siria or Persian Gulf?
  4. I'm very interested in this campaign. I own all your campaigns are for instance Fear the Bones and Zone 5 are indispensable, this one will be the same.
  5. +1. I flew this mission a few minutes ago and couldn't get 100 points so the mission was not acomplished.
  6. IMHO this campaign is completely different to others and that is exactly was I was looking for. Quick action and a training campaign as a gift. Excellent. I would love they develop the same concept for F-16 or other aircrafts.
  7. It happens in Nevada too. The solution as stated above is to increase both power levers to idle position before engine #2 reaches 52%.
  8. Hello, I'm little confused with these options: AH-64D Pilot George AI Helper George AI Helper Interface - Show/hide AH-64D George AI Helper George AI Helper Interface - Hide Do I need to map both of them? Is it enough with the pilot one? Thanks.
  9. Hi, congratulations for the patch. How can I switch seats in multiplayer? I joined to a F-14B slot in a multiplayer mission, pilot position. When in cockpit I pressed "2" but nothing happens. Is there some trick? Thanks.
  10. OK excellent, thanks. This morning I bought your F-5E ACM campaign and I own all the others, very good campaigns.
  11. Do you plan to include different AI versions in ACM campaign too?
  12. OK thanks. I'm now stuck in mission #4 (Recon CAP). I cannot distingish contacts from background. I'm about to activate labels...
  13. +1, I'm completely useless at refueling tasks.
  14. I finished this campaign many months ago and remember it was very enjoyable. I had to request some help in this forum because some missions where tricky. I would love to fly your next campaigns.
  15. Thanks for your answer, I received all messages when passing waypoints except for the last one before landing. I will repeat it this evening. I need to improve my A-A skills (in parallel I'm flying Fear the Bones campaign) so this campaign is great.
  16. Hi, I've just flew the first mission (fam flight), following all waypoints. After landing, I followed my wingman to his hangar and parked in a nearby one, but the score did not exceed 50 and the mission status is draw. What should I have done? Thanks.
  17. Thanks for creating this great campaigns! After this one I will start Zone 5.
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