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  1. Yeah.. and American aircraft notwithstanding, name a stealth plane?
  2. Alright I am familiar with the mistakes of Viet Nam (consider the missiles during that era with missiles today), however... at some point technology can make ANYTHING obsolete.. We don't use telegraphs anymore.. the telephone replaced that. I just don't see an F-22 or JSF encountering anymore trouble than a push of a button can solve. Another example, sure it's possible that there is a power outage, or there is a solar eclipse, or you are stranded on a desert island, or you have been teleported back in time.... but I do not see the need to use ink and a feather to write again.. I dunno maybe it's just me, or maybe the pen and pencils have made that obsolete. Now if you can give me a REALISTIC scenario where modern aircraft of two opposing nations of equal mitary power will ever see a dogfight again.. then I'm all ears...
  3. Given the technological disparity between the United States and the rest of the world, and the nature of our relations with other countires and diplomacy, along with the technological advances in long range weaponry, I was just wondering.. do any of you think that there will ever be another dogfight in the skies again? If so, perhaps you can provide an imaginary scenario as well?
  4. After completing the first mission of the Mig29s campaign which involves destroying an Su34 (static object), the second mission appears. However, if I save the game, exit, and then return to the same campaign, it automatically resets and I have to do the first mission again. I do not get this problem with the other campaigns I've tried. Is this a bug and is there a solution for this problem?
  5. hmm not many responses... but from testing I can say I've noticed an overall slight decrease in stuttering by changing the precaching to 200,000 for terrain and 25,000 for objects in the graphics config file. I'll probbably keepit at those settings as there should still be plenty of RAM left. The game still stutters a bit right when I enter the cockpit for the 1st time and start looking around and also when there are explosion effects in water (1st time). Not sure if any amount of RAM will get rid of all stuttering.
  6. I recently upgraded to 2 gigs of RAM and am wondering if I should increase the terrain and object preload settings with ModMan? Currently i have the terrain preload set to 100 km in the game options.
  7. Su25, Su27/33, and Mig29.... You will be my new hero if you can find a way to do the same for thesw planes as well. (the mirrors extend well outside of the canopy frames in the russian aircraft I think, so this will be a big problem).
  8. I'm becoming better at avoiding AAA and SAMs, cuz I don't like my bum to be violated! As far as the rudder pedals go, yeah I'd be looking into buying them for black shark once that is out... I remember how useful my old pedals were for longbow 2.
  9. A good subwoofer is nice but there is definitely more sensory feedback with the buttkicker. I think this device increases the immersion factor significantly (that is just my opinion). IN terms of peripherals for lockon, I would have to ranks as follows... 1) CH fighterstick + throttle 2) Track IR with vector expansion 3) Buttkicker Gamer Was thinking about getting the CH rudder pedals, but I don't really feel that rudder control is a necessity in jet sims.
  10. Buttkicker Gamer! http://www.thebuttkicker.com/ButtKicker%20Gamer_home.html Just got it today, I must say that I am most pleased with the way it works. Even though it may not be entirely realistic, it's reeal nice feeling the missiles come off the rails and the GAU8A gun on the A10 really shakes things up. Been testing it out for a bit and I was literally jolted when some AAA hit the back of my Warthog. it packs quite a punch this thing does! I do have one question though, how much of a sensation do actual pilots feel when they hit the afterburners? I can keep it minimal by using the cockpit afterburner wav file from zzzspace's sound mod, or I can beef it up with the the aftterburner sound file from some other mods... so far I like the original cockpitafterburner sound the best...
  11. thanks for the quick response; makes sense i was thinking along those terms myself.. you guys really know your stuff here!
  12. Just to be absolutely clear.. what is the scale for the Vertical Velocity Indicator in Russian planes? I know in the US planes it is in 1,000 ft per minute.
  13. There was another mod by Greb from waay back that allows for the mirrors in the cockpit with no reflection, and thus no fps loss; had no luck finding it online (and it wouldn't work with the newer versions of lock-on anyways so there's no point in getting it). I'd love to see a more updated version of that mod though.
  14. I've got 1 gig of RAM. Should I set the terrain preload option in the graphics menu to 50km or 100km? So far I haven't noticed a whole lot of difference between the 2 settings except that it takes a bit longer to enter the game from the loading screen with the 100km setting.
  15. Oh and I have the terrain preload in the graphics options set to 50km. With 1 gig of RAM should I set it to 100km instead? Is there a noticeable difference? I think the stutters before (1st time) explosions and effects such as an aircraft falling into water are unavoidable.
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