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  1. Thanks. I was hoping that ED actually gave us access to some ticketing system but that's good, too ^^
  2. Well, yes, except for Sinai ^^
  3. Anything? Bumping this thread up in hope someone will notice it.
  4. "maybe it's an O/L thing" What does that mean? (i'm french)
  5. Thanks for the info. However, this means that one has to designate with the TPOD, whereas in some missions we only bomb on coordinates (that was the case in my original post, loft bombing of a known SA6 site). Anyway, this will do until they correct the bug. Again, thanks!
  6. I've got the same behavior with a correctly loaded PACS. See my thread here
  7. Thanks for all your answers. I'm not sure it's a matter of wind, or not this alone at the very least. The CDIP line was _inverted_ for god's sake, so unless the wind was going up so much that the bombs would climb ... Also, if it was simply a matter of wind correction (or lack of) the ASL would be fixed, albeit in a wrong position - but still fixed. Here, it was fleeing as I was chasing it, as is the case when you're too close to release point (see my video).
  8. As Inexus explained! I've got a folder where I store all the export scripts I use, this folder being a GIT repository, and I link this folder in my Saved Games\DCS\Scripts to make DCS use the scripts without having to duplicate them.
  9. Well, I found out the reason why it did not work; it's because I'm dumb ^^ I forgot to redo the symbolic link for the new script version (I'm using scripts from my GIT repo to the DCS scripts folder) and it was using the old branch... Sorry for the false alarm and thanks for the correction!
  10. Yesterday in a MP mission I was trying to make a loft AUTO bomb pass on a SA6, with a human WSO in the rear seat. With my target point (6.A) selected, in A2G master mode, an AUTO program set up for my Mk20 Rockeyes, I expected to see the ASL lined up with the target point losange in the HUD. Well, it was not, in fact it went all over the place as I chased it. I tried resetting the point, the program, going Master Arm off then on again, every trick in the "Hello, IT" guidebook Eventually I noticed that even my CDIP fall line was weird, it kept my bomb cue at the centerline point and the line from the FPM was therefore going up, not down! I made a small video, could you please have a look and tell me what I did wrong?
  11. Hi, thanks for your work on this script! Just a quick note, VS Code raised a warning on a duplicated table index (see attached image) for ExportScript.ConfigEveryFrameArguments[383] null Also, I've updated my F15 to the latest patch and I lost all my UFC exports. Am I the only one?
  12. Thanks for the tip! Hope it get fixed though.
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