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  1. That's a good improvement of the performance display, thanks ED. Now we need a value for average and variance (e.g. over 2 seconds)
  2. Hi @jonsky7, thanks for replying. The code you provided does exactly the same thing than mine. Just to be sure, I tried, and as expected I have the same problem. Thank you anyway !
  3. Ok, good to know, thanks. I actually use scripts, on our squad's server, to spawn different things when and where the pilots want them. E.g. we can decide to place an armored company with air defense platoons someplace on the map. When we do that, the scripts actually spawn the units in state RED; I'm sure of this, because 1/ I wrote the script ^^ and 2/ it can be seen in Combined Arms UI But even with this, and even after like 20 minutes, units still seem cold. I'm pretty sure we're missing something, but I don't see what. I'll try the time acceleration trick to test in on a small scale.
  4. I tried that, didn't work. What did I miss ?
  5. I'm not sure this checkbox does anything useful. Regarding "improved" FLIR image, it's becoming more and more difficult to find targets using the A-10's TGP in FLIR mode. Vehicles are always cold, and do not have any texture (plain black - or white - blocks), and are very easy to miss on the ground clutter or between trees. Trees and bushes are often hotter than vehicles, sometimes not fully (i.e. half a tree). I've never operated a real-life TGP, but I've seen lots of videos from Apache pilots during 1GW, and the vehicles are more contrasted than they are in DCS, even when cold. First, they are never truly cold (don't tell me that 10 minutes will be enough for a huge diesel or a gas turbine to cool off completely). Also, even when at air temperature, there is contrast and texture to the vehicles, making them easier to differentiate from other stuff like trees, bushes and all. Finally, as soon as their engine is on, they build up heat quickly. Could something please be done about that? At the moment, the FLIR system was degraded, not improved.
  6. Thank you for the progress report; can't wait! Again, tell me if I can help. I'm a programmer, I may be able to solve your filename problem ^^
  7. Thanks Flappie, interesting info as always ! Tell me if you need an alpha-beta-happy tester...
  8. Po po po ! Bravo ! Can't wait... Every day I fly in the dark (in my A10, AH64, where the maps in the systems are important). Don't stop with Caucasus, Syria is nice too
  9. Yes, would be a great addition. This is how it's done in Asobo's Flight Simulator 2020, and in XPlane 12 too.
  10. I love it ! Stop playing with your crayolas and set this up in my A-10
  11. Wow, great work @Flappie! Can't wait to get my hands on your mod. Again, if you need help, please tell me. Amitiés à Migow de la part de Zip
  12. Hi @BIGNEWY ! Sorry, I missed your answer, it's been a while since I last came on the forums. It's weird that you don't have the same problem with your setup. Maybe it's because of the placement of my secondary screens ? They are on the right, as can be seen in this post. I'd be happy to help the dev team find the problem and correct it, if you tell me what to try and where to report. Kind regards, David.
  13. Hi @BIGNEWY ! Can this please be reported to the API team ?
  14. Hi @BIGNEWY ! Could this be added to the wishlist, please ? Kind regards, David.
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