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  1. Hi Bailey, any update on this nice Apache profile you're cooking ?
  2. Yes, I can see the same thing in the A10-C 2, more clearly now that the FLIR has been revamped. In FLIR mode, the displays in the cockpit are readable (i.e. I can make out targets at a decent range), while in my exports they are dimmed and bland ; I tried changing my contrast and light settings (in the displays that display the exports), but even at max it's dimmed. Here are some screenshots showing that this is a DCS export problem, not a display setting ; I centered my in-cockpit view to the TAD, then to the TGP in FLIR mode - you can see the exports at the right of the shot. @BIGNEWY any chance this could be handled, please ? It's been like that for ages, and now with the new FLIR it's making our hog driver's life sad
  3. Hi ; that's not what I was suggesting... I just want to have a temporary command that shows the in-cockpit labels when the key is kept depressed.
  4. Hello, Would it be possible to get a keyboard shortcut that would toggle in-cockpit labels for buttons and controls ? I'm thinking of it a bit like the shortcut that toggles the airplanes / ground units labels, but it could be even better to also have a temporary key that, while pressed, would display the labels, and when not, would hide them. Imho, it's not much work, the option already exists in the options page.
  5. For people using the rotary and having problems with analog stuttering : add a modifier to your axis command, this way if you press the modifier and move the rotary, the zoom will change, and if you release the modifier the stutter will stop.
  6. That's great news @Bergison!
  7. I confirm, the FARP spawn do work now, but is of no use because the ground crew does not respond to my queries. @BIGNEWY, we know you're a wizard, could you please use your magic wand to make the dev team aware of this small step that needs to be done to complete this feature ?
  8. Hi @BIGNEWY, did you get my config ? Is it good enough for the team to have a look ?
  9. Here's my profile, you can check and pick what you like.
  10. Here, @BIGNEWY, I attached my monitor lua, as requested. Also, here's a screenshot of my Windows monitors config : MFCD right screens - dan.lua
  11. Ahhhh, interesting, thank you for this information !
  12. If I understand correctly how this magical tool from fholger works, it downscales the image to the value specified in the config (*renderScale*) then upscales it back to 1.0 using AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution algorithm (only in a defined radius around the center, the rest is upscaled with the good old linear algorithm). So, setting *renderScale* to 1.0 effectively disables the AMDFSR magic, and setting it to more than 1.0 is pretty useless, or maybe even detrimental. But please correct me, I may be wrong.
  13. We also have IADS running, it's hiding this because it manages the radars
  14. Thanks for your answer, I was afraid of this. Well, if no one has found a cool workaround yet, I'll have to get creative
  15. Also, it should be a fairly easy change in the code, to make the spawned SAM sites start up in RED state. Would you please create an issue in the GitHub repository, so we don't forget ?
  16. Will do, count on me ! Bon déménagement !
  17. Hi @Flappie! Any news of this exciting project ?
  18. We did not wipe, simply updated version after version and copy/pasted new servers from the configuration of existing ones. Regarding the mission choice automation, it's done with a tool that writes to the `serverSettings.lua` file. Have a look here.
  19. Hi everyone, We at VEAF use markers a lot. In our scripts, they're the basis of command entry, and are central to our processing. For security purposes, some commands are locked for execution, and only run when a password is specified. To make it easier for our pilots, I wrote a server hook interacting with the mission scripts, which is able to push authentication data to the mission code. Now, I use the marker's author (in the mark panel, there is a `.author` property) to find the name of the player who created the marker, and pass that to the security code. This is well and good, and works perfectly. Until a player with a Combined Arms role creates markers. With these roles (e.g. game master), the created markers lack the `.author` property (more accurately, it is there, but empty). I'm searching for a way to identify the game masters (and all CA roles) who create markers. Does anyone have an idea ?
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