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  1. Along with cthulhu68s' answer. That GPU will run this sim. with aplomb. I've seen issues with the 1060 here but not the 70.
  2. Sometimes this is caused by virus programs. What do you use for virus protection?
  3. There were a couple of "Real Life" pilots in the Vietnam Era that would fake a malfunction in order to avoid the refueling of the flight missions. So the difficulty is as it should be. IMHO of course. Took a while to get it but it was definitely a feeling of accomplishment when it clicked in.
  4. Typically this is a matter of the GPU. Updating drivers was good. Your Redistributed files are up to date? If you had a crash they sometimes need to be reinstalled? Let's see Bignewy's assessment of the Logs also.
  5. Have you deleted the saved games folder? It will be recreated on your next start up of the sim.
  6. That error message you received is similar to ones I have seen in the past. 0x was power related in those cases. You will need to follow Bignewy on sending your log files to better assist you.
  7. You cant click on items to start the game nor change/check the resolution? What are your PC specs. also. does your mouse have option to go to main item on the newly opened page or item? This being an option in Logitechs mouse and keyboard settings.
  8. Just curious as to why you would wait for steam and not use the Stand alone ver.?
  9. We will need more info. on your PC. Specs. GPU, CPU, Ram. and amount of ram on graphics card also.
  10. Back then it was a "GPU Driver Issue" for me and others. Of course there were other issues back then that caused similar problems. One time it was the "Redistributed Files" needing to be reinstalled after an update.
  11. Yes. Unfortunately the files don't come with the Windows 10 download or the disk. I have no idea why as most games require them and there are so many you would think it would be a part of the installed files.
  12. Wondering if it is possible the 1070 could have this type of negative impact if plugged into the wrong or lower speed GPU Motherboard adapter.
  13. Have you updated your graphics drivers. A few iterations ago, D3D11.dll errors were a matter of re-installing the "Redistributed" files from Microsoft. Prior to that you had to add the file manually, this not being needed these days. No mods? If you have experienced a crash in another program it could be the truncation of the Redistributed files.
  14. "Around 2002 or So" that wasn't the point of our conversation. You prowess is interesting.
  15. They can be found in the user section of the download page here. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/?arrFilter_pf%5Bfiletype%5D=70&arrFilter_pf%5Bgameversion%5D=&arrFilter_pf%5Bfilelang%5D=&arrFilter_pf%5Baircraft%5D=&arrFilter_DATE_CREATE_1_DAYS_TO_BACK=&CREATED_BY=&sort_by_order=TIMESTAMP_X_DESC&LICENCE_FREE=yes&set_filter=Filter
  16. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether a PC/Laptop will run DCS. Note my PC specs. and you see I run on an older i7 920 from around 2002 or so. The specs on your laptop are much higher than mine. I would upgrade to 12 or 16Gigs of ram and I believe it will be ok. Possibly even Medium Graphics settings. The video card will be your limiter in the case of this Laptop. More GPU Ram would be preferable.
  17. AtaliaA1

    2.0 Glitching

    Don't forget to delete the saved game folder? after an update, It helps with issues like this.
  18. You did download the recommended file? https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3067976&postcount=22
  19. It's a new system. It doesn't have the "Redistributed" files installed. He will need all of them. including the one recommended in the last update. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3067976&postcount=22 https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads He will also need to ensure all drivers are up to date. Tusler although the system is new it is possible your drivers aren't up to date. Shelf life and all.
  20. Is this a USB sound card or dedicated card? I would get that info. from your rar file but I am currently upgrading PC and haven't reached the install of all my tools yet. Have you tried deleting your saved games folder? I want to talk about the USB being dropped by the OS but it doesn't happen in other programs so this isn't your case. just sounds the same.
  21. Agreed Big. I also always use this great tool. \ http://www.guru3d.com/files-get/display-driver-uninstaller-download,20.html
  22. Wow. You do realize that was in reference to the "Mechanical" devices and not your assumed point. Please re-read. Try not to get caught in the vernacular this time. Rude comment. cichildfan now sees this as having happened before. So the above comment as to the "Relevance" is changed. No apology needed. As to the OP. Please provide us with more info. on your PC Specs. In the meantime ensure nothing is touching your speaker cords or the board itself. Does this happen in other software?
  23. DCS has always used the NVidia cards better. Not sure why. Most believe the drivers are better. What do you guys think?
  24. Good Point Winston. The only Mechanical apparatus is the HDD assuming it is of the older type. Although there are Mechanical keyboards available they aren't as prevalent as the HDD. More info. is needed here.
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