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  1. Actually, the HMD display position is much more sensitive to the vertical angle (y_trans) setting than it is to seat height.
  2. I am sure this is the answer. Have my seat/FOV where I like it, tho.
  3. I am confused. The Mission 1 briefing declares that ACLS is down for maintenance and unavailable, yet in marshal and approach I hear AI radio traffic regarding using ACLS. If ACLS is working, I can find no reference to the CVN Link 4 freq.
  4. No, I am not referring to the HMD ALIGN procedure. I am quite familiar with the BIT test and ALIGN procedure; however, when properly aligned the HMD display seems too low in my FOV so that I must look up somewhat to get the display centered on the horizon. I noticed that during the ALIGN procedure I also must look up about 10 degrees to align the cross symbols. Is there some way to adjust the HMD display center upward a few degrees?
  5. Are TALDs effective at decoying AA radar missiles?
  6. OK, I guess FLIR enhancements are a WIP, but today's patch is big improvement IMO.
  7. Would be nice to have.
  8. FWIW AGM-65F cage/uncage functions properly for me.
  9. Check out the utility Waypoint Editor in the DCS Mods forum. Makes entering PP coordinates and waypoints a breeze.
  10. Since 2.7.14 update the Supercarrier ICLS localizer needle is offset left by a substantial amount. Probably related but BRC also appears 3-4 degrees off. Never mind. Discovered I had weird mod installed. All good now. Hornet Needles Offset.trk
  11. I updated 2 year old DCS-BIOS to latest and noticed considerably faster data entry.
  12. Reset DCS Controls GUI scale from 1.25 to 1.00 and now capture works!. BUT NOW . . . WP are not loading into Hornet. That was working, so must be something on my end. Will work on that now. Edit: OK, cockpit loading was issue with DCS-BIOS script. AT LAST, I think I have DCSWE working as intended. Very much appreciate Lasko's diligence, especially catching the MAP title problem. Convinced the culprit was the DCS\Controls GUI scaling. Very helpful little utility.
  13. Ahaa! Good work. Win 11 scaling interface is somewhat different than Win 10, but I have TEXT SCALING set at 140% on a 1440x2560 monitor. Wonder how scaling might be different from selecting a larger default OS font. I will do some testing later today.
  14. Tested. Screenshot and log attached. I noticed that no cursor symbol is visible in screenshot, otherwise all looks normal. My OS is Win 11. Another symptom is that shown profiles will no longer load into cockpit. I have already tried DCS Repair and reinstalling support programs. Can you provide one of your versions from March timeframe to test? log.txt
  15. Thanks, will try your suggestions. The F10 Map Not Found errors mainly occurred when the DCSWE GUI was behind the full screen F10 map, so that the map was in full view.
  16. N No, this is a short TGP/JDAM training mission, so most likely alignment timing. Thanks for info.
  17. Here is log. log.txt
  18. Sorry, but this is driving me crazy. Can not get capture to work with 1.1.1. See screenshot. All the install requirements seem correct. The CAPTURE FROM F10 MAP button does not function and the QUICK CAPTURE feature returns F10 MAP NOT FOUND error. I am sure one of your earlier versions worked flawlessly. Any ideas?
  19. Don't have Apache either, sorry.
  20. I am not now able to get map capture to function, when it was a couple of weeks ago. .I get the unsuccess chime and error "no matching pattern". DCS, Win 11, WP Editor 1.1.0. Anyone else have this issue?
  21. I am looking for a good reshade.ini for DCS. Moltar's default in first post is a dead link. Anyone care to share?
  22. Can anyone explain why J-83 is Xed out in HUD? I am armed, IN ZONE, targeted, etc. On release the weapons guide and detonate properly.
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